Pork Ball, Bok Choy and Noodle Broth

Hello Dear Reader,

We are having such a cool Spring, it is so lovely, for a change. Our Spring, usually consists of 2 weeks of gorgeous weather, you know, not too hot and not too cold, just right and then straight into feelin Hot, Hot, Hot!! So it is great to be able to still have some warming dishes for our dinners.

This is another of those torn out recipes that I have had forever in my recipe folder, it is delicious, filling and very nutritious. All the ingredients are simple, but together, they create a nourishing broth bolstered by tasty little morsels of flavoured pork mince and served with just cooked asian greens and rice noodles.

Ingredients for Pork Ball, Bok Choy and Noodle Broth, clockwise from top right
4 teaspoons soy sauce, 1 tin light coconut milk, 500 grams lean pork mince, 10 Kaffir lime leaves, zest of 1 lime, 4 teaspoons grated ginger, 3 garlic cloves, grated on a microplane, a bunch of coriander (I grow the perennial Saw Tooth Coriander) 500 grams pre-cooked wide rice noodles, 1 litre chicken stock and 2 cups water, 1 to 2 bunches of Bok Choy and 3 spring onions, sliced finely 

To a large bowl add the pork mince, 2 of the spring onions, sliced finely, ginger, garlic, lime zest and soy 

Using your hands, give everything a really good mix until all incorporated. If time allows, let the flavours mingle for 2 hours 

For the broth-to a large saucepan add the stock, water, coconut milk and Kaffir lime leaves, bring to a gentle simmer 

Roll little balls of the pork mince and add them to the hot broth, once all the balls are rolled, bring the broth back to the simmer and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes until the pork balls are cooked through. 

While the pork balls are cooking, cut up the Bok Choy and give it a soak in some water, this revives the veggie and rinses it as well. Now separate the light green stalks from the dark green leaves and add the light green stalks to the broth first and bring back to the simmer 

Once back to the simmer add the dark green leaves and simmer for 1 more minute or until Bok Choy is just cooked. Add last remaining, finely chopped, spring onion 

While the broth is finishing, add the rice noodles to a large bowl and pour over boiling water, set aside for 5 minutes, then drain well. 
To serve divide noodles into serving bowls and pour over fragrant stock, tender crisp veggie and tasty pork balls. Finish with a sprinkling of coriander

This little dish is so simple and delicious, just perfect for our cooler Spring weather

So, tell me, Dear Reader, what is the weather in your part of the world? What do you cook/make in Spring? 


  1. We are in Autumn in the South of France. Today was a lovely sunny day with temps in the 20's. But the temps drop in the evening so tonight we lit the wood fire and I made a fennel and potato gratin.

  2. Yummy recipe Fiona. I am on holidays at the Sunny Coast and it is cool and overcast.

  3. First time here and came in from Down to Earth. Oh I do like Boy Choy. Hope you find the time and stop in at my blog, and enjoy a cup of coffee with me.


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