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Potato, Avocado and Watercress Salad

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

There must be thousands of recipes for potato salad, usually loaded with creamy mayonnaise and heaps of other ingredients. I love this one as it is completely opposite to the usual. It is just three ingredients, well, four really, if you count the dressing. I think every family have their own favourite potato salad recipe, my Mum didn't make potato salad but lovely hubby's Nan did, it was just steamed potatoes, boiled eggs and spring onions and the dressing was cream and lemon, just plain delicious.

This potato salad couldn't be simpler, steam the potatoes until tender, cut them in halves or quarters and let them cool. Then assemble the salad, add the cooled potatoes to a large mixing bowl, add the cut up avocado, sprinkle over washed and spun dried watercress and then pour over the dressing. The dressing is just lemon or lime juice, oil and salt and pepper. Toss well and let the flavours mingle for a half and hour before serving. The peppery hit of the watercress is the perfect foil to the soft blandness of the steamed potatoes and the buttery goodness of the avocado.

Gently boil whole potatoes until just cooked, let cool. Make the dressing by squeezing fresh lemon or lime juice and adding it to a screw top jar, the ratio is 2/3 juice to 1/3 oil, add salt and pepper, pop on the lid and give the jar a good shake 

Assemble the salad by cutting the cooled potatoes into chunks, cutting the avocado into smaller chunks, sprinkle over the watercress, pour over the dressing and give the salad a good toss. 

This is such an easy and delicious salad that is just a bit different and everyone just loves it.

So, tell me, what is your families favourite potato salad recipe? 

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