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Terrific Thermomix Tomato Relish

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

I picked all the little Bellino tomatoes from the tomato bush about a month ago, most of the fruit was still quite green, but, as the plant was ailing, I decided to take all the fruit off it. I was hoping that the fruit would ripen and, some have, but some must have been too green and they haven't turned the vibrant red I was hoping for.

Only one thing for it-Tomato Relish! I hate waste of any sort but especially anything that was home grown, as I know how much water it took to grow it! So when I had a good bowl of these gorgeous little tomatoes that hadn't reached their full potential I turned them into a really delicious relish. The only ingredient I had to buy was a green apple, all the other ingredients were in my pantry.

Ingredients for Terrific Thermomix Tomato Relish, clockwise from top right-
1 teaspoon salt, 1 whole clove, 75 grams each of brown and raw sugar, 1/2 teaspoon curry powder, 1 green apple, peeled and chopped, 1 red onion, peeled and chopped, 500 grams tomatoes, I didn't bother about peeling them, but you can if you like, 100 grams apple cider vinegar and 50 grams sultanas

Place red onion and apple into TM bowl and blitz for 5 seconds on speed 6, set aside

Place tomatoes in TM bowl and blitz for 5 second on speed 5

Now add all other ingredients, including onion and apple mixture, and mix for 3 seconds, reverse, speed 4. 

-Remove the MC and place basket on top of locked lid to prevent splashes. Cook for 30 minutes, 100 degrees, reverse, speed 1-2. 

-Then increase temperature to Varoma and cook for 15 minutes, reverse, speed 1-2. 

-Test the consistency of the relish by spooning some onto a saucer and chilling it for 5 minutes, it should not be runny by that stage. If it is still runny, cook for further 5 to 10 minutes at Varoma and check again.

-Place in sterilised jars 

Delicious with cold or BBQ meats or on cheese sandwiches and crackers. You could easily double the recipe and you can use any tomatoes you happen to have. 

How do you use up produce, bought or home grown, to prevent waste? 


  1. This sounds delicious and easy as well as no fancy ingredients. how long would it last if kept in the fridge?
    Loving your blog and using many of your recipes. Blessings G.

    1. Hi Gail, it is such a great recipe and we use it up pretty quickly so I’m sorry I don’t know how long it lasts (safely) it has plenty of sugar and vinegar that it should safely last at least a month. Have a lovely day and thanks for the positive feedback. Fi