This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Work has been sapping all of my energy at the moment, and every afternoon is a struggle to get some jobs done at home, before I fall into bed. I am sleeping like a log but not waking refreshed. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I think I just need a break.

I am really looking forward to our little camping holiday in mid November, it is a really cheap holiday and is so relaxing, we fish all day, on a beautiful beach, come home and have a yummy camp dinner and go to bed really early. Most nights, when camping, I am asleep by 7pm! I know it is a simple holiday, but that hot shower, at the amenities block, after being on the beach all day, is like heaven. Also the dinners we have, may not be gourmet, but they taste so delicious, it must be the salt air!

We camp at Noosa North Shore and for the week it costs $135.00 plus $30.65 for the beach permit. We have a good 4WD for the beach and hubby is invaluable for finding a good place for pulling beach worms to use for Whiting bait and then finding a good bank to catch the fish. He is also very handy at cleaning the fish and then either cooking it that night for dinner or freezing the catch down into trays to take home. We have a great little camp fridge/freezer that works like a charm. We also have a solar panel that keeps everything humming along nicely for the week. Our camp is very well set up and once set up could easily spend a month or more there.

Unfortunately we can only we away from home for short periods of time, but one day, that is our dream to be able to camp for long periods of time, at this beach, that we both love so much. As I mentioned it is a really cheap holiday and ties in so well to our frugal lifestyle, its just an extension of how we live everyday.

This week five frugal things on a Friday are-

1. Made a batch of Home Made Muesli, it is by far and away my favourite breakfast, I just love it. I always joke that it is the main reason I get up!

2. Made a batch of mini Salmon Quiches to take to work for our Melbourne Cup lunch. Everyone bought something to share and the lunch was just lovely. For $6.00 worth of Tasmanian Salmon, I made 36 darling little quiches, I also made some Wasabi and Lime Mayo to go with them. The only ingredient I had to buy was the Salmon, I had all other ingredients at home already. One clever girl made these divine cupcakes and shaped them into a horse!

3. Blitzed all the fruit and veggie scraps to feed to the worm farm

4. Cooked dinner from scratch most nights, except Monday and Tuesday. We had lovely leftovers on these nights. On Monday we had left overs from my Daughters Birthday lunch and on Tuesday we had left over Slow Cooked Massaman Curry. If you handle and store the food in a safe manner most food is good to eat for at least 3 days, not that it ever lasts that long here. I am always so mindful of what needs using up.

5. Made some pita chips from some bought wraps that had been languishing in the freezer. I brushed them with a mixture of oil and Lemon and Rosemary Salt and were lovely with home made Peanut Butter Hummus

That's a wrap! What have you been up to on the frugal front?


  1. Yes Fiona there are times that work saps all my energy too. Is the site fee of $135 for a powered site? On the frugal front this week we have; saved our grass clippings and added them to the compost piles, used the beetroot harvested from the garden as a side dish, moved our leftovers to the top of the fridge so that they can be spotted straight away, created a menu plan for this weeks grocery shopping, checked out the grocery specials for the week and added a couple of items to my shopping list.

  2. Hi Sherri, no we don't get a powered site, so it is cheaper. We invested in a good size solar panel a while ago and it works amazingly well. Having leftovers front and centre is a great idea to prevent waste, isn't? Have a great weekend

  3. Hi Fiona, your massaman beef curry looks delicious, could you please share the recipe sometime?

    1. Hi Kylie, I will be posting that recipe this coming week, it's a beauty


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