This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It was just another ordinary week, spent between work and home, with no special outings. I work full time, starting at 7.30 am and finishing at 4pm. I live very close to work, so there is hardly any transit time and for the last 2 months I have been driving to work as it has been Magpie Season. When I ride to work, it takes 10 to 15 minutes, in total, including locking the bike in the compound, and driving takes less than 2 minutes, which means, even when I do ride, I can get so much done before and after work, around the home.

I write a list everyday for jobs that need doing, it helps me keep on track and stay focussed and I find by doing a little each day, I am not swamped at the weekend trying to catch up with the house work. As with all aspects of my life I try and accomplish housework from a frugal frame of mind, cleaning with homemade cleaners, cleaning thoroughly and often to maintain the home, I find by cleaning this way I am not spending hours getting the home whipped back into shape all the time. Just little and often is the key for me.

So, I will make how I plan my day, the first frugal thing today

1. Wrote a list, every day, for jobs that needed to be completed around the home, as I said, it keeps me on track and feel satisfied when I can tick a job off the list.

2.  Made a hair tonic out of the amazing Rosemary sprigs that my sister brought down to me when we had my daughters birthday lunch. I wanted the Rosemary sprigs for a table decoration as I knew how long and spectacular my sisters Rosemary grows. So as not to waste a thing, I cut the springs in quarters and popped them in old tomato passata bottles and poured over boiling water. You let them sit for a week or so and then use the resulting tonic to pour through your hair.

3. Made a cutlery wrap as a Birthday gift for a dear friend. The idea came from "The Rogue Ginger" blog and by always carrying the wrap with you, it eliminates having to use plastic cutlery and paper napkins therefore reducing rubbish and single use plastic. I already had most of the fabric needed, simply having to buy a suitable fabric for the inner, to give the wrap some body. I also purchased the cutlery and linen napkin from the Salvo's shop, so the total outlay of actual $$ was very small for a unique and practical gift. I am going to make more of them as I just think they are wonderful, I still have enough fabric for quite a few.

4. Made a batch of tomato relish to use up the last of my home grown Bellino Tomatoes, these are from last season and grew very slowly and hung on the vine over winter. I picked most of the tomatoes green and was hoping that they would ripen to a vibrant red. They didn't ripen as well as I thought they would, but they have made a wonderful relish. I will post the recipe soon.

5. Made a batch of Laundry Liquid, using a new recipe, I love it, thanks Mr Homemaker!

So, that's been my frugal week, now, what have you been up to on the frugal front?


  1. I like the simplicity of your diary, and daily plan. I used to do something years ago...pre children, I don't know when or why it stopped, maybe I should re-invent it!

  2. Hi, Fiona. You've accomplished lots this week in the frugal stakes:) I don't keep a diary as such but I do write down a list of jobs in an old exercise book each day that sits on my kitchen bench. This is because, if I don't do that, I will think of something that needs doing and then promptly forget it! I tick off chores as I go along. It's simple and works for me. I'm keen to try your tomato relish recipe soon. I have lots of cherry tomatoes growing in garden. Some enterprising creature had a feast on some the other night so I'd like to use some of the others before they get snaffled too! Meg:)


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