This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

We have had a slightly slower week this week, as my Mother in law went into hospital on the weekend, so we have been able to stay at home in the evenings and eat at our own table in a more relaxed setting. We eat with my Mother in law every night and as she doesn't like to sit at the table, we eat at the kitchen bar. It's just not as nice as sitting at my own table, enjoying a meal. She is doing okay but will be in hospital for a while yet.

Unfortunately we are booked to go away next week for a little camping holiday at our favourite camping spot. We are leaving it until Sunday to decide if we go or if we stay. We are taking advice from my Mother in laws doctor as to whether we go or not. Her lung disease is slowly getting worse and it is getting harder for her to breathe and when you can't breathe, nothing else matters! I guess we are so used to her being so very unwell, this is just a state of normal for us. We will just take each day as it comes and if we do get to go away, we are only 1 1/2 hours away if she gets worse. She is a fighter and I really believe that it's her state of mind that gets her through every time.

On the frugal front this is what I have been up to-

1. Cut up an old sheet, that had started to show signs of wear, to use as rags

2. Made 2 loaves of Honey and Oat Bread from ingredients already at home

3. Used the slow cooker to make a Slow Cooker Roast Beef. The slow cooker is very energy efficient and I used a very cheap cut of meat to make this lovely dish. There were no fancy ingredients, just good wholesome everyday stuff that I already had in the pantry so it wasn't an expensive meal to put together and it did us for two meals plus two lunches for the boys. Sweet!

4. Used up left over rice to make stove top rice pudding, we had the rice pudding with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, it is delicious

5. I have a bunch of silverbeet in the fridge and as we are going away camping (hopefully) to our most favourite place on Sunday,

 I am going to make a batch of "Spinach" and feta savoury rolls. They will be great for lunches while on the beach and it will prevent any waste while we away. As you probably know by now, I hate waste of any kind, but especially fruit and veggies. It takes a hell of a lot of water to grow fruit and veggies and if you waste any you are wasting all that water as well. We pay a crazy-stupid amount of money for water and sewerage here in the Moreton Bay Shire and I will not waste a drop.

So, thats been my week of frugal stuff, what about you?

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  1. Hi, Fiona. We've enjoyed the rain of those storms too this past week and grateful for the top-up to our water tanks. I agree that costs here in Moreton Bay shire are high! I only did one day of relief teaching this week so had time to potter around here at home a bit more. I combined some left over roast chicken with some frozen veg from the fridge to make a pie and did a fair amount of baking just using up ingredients in my pantry. I've made some little gift tags using old xmas cards and finished knitting a dishcloth. Today I topped up my reading material with a visit to the library. Happy days! Meg:)


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