What our camping days looks like

Hello Dear Reader,

This is what a typical day looks like when we are away camping at Noosa North Shore Beach Camp. We both love beach fishing and target Whiting as it is possibly the best eating fish in the sea, so really the whole day is planned around tide and location. Lovely Hubby and I have collected some great camping gear over the years and have invested in quality items that are made to last, I don't think there is another thing we need for camping and will happily go camping when we can, for the rest of my days or for as long as our bodies are able. Camping is fun but hard work.

Our day starts off very early as there is so much bird life and as soon as they start their early morning squawking/serenades, I am awake. I get changed and I amble over to the amenities block using this time to also wash my face and tame my hair. Once back at camp we pop the kettle on and make breakfast. We always have Weetbix and honey for breakfast, when camping, as it is easy to carry, are filling and nutritious. This time we had them topped with magnificent mangoes that are in season now. This good brekky keeps us going until morning tea time.

After brekky, we make lunch and fill a thermos for tea while on the beach, clean up the kitchen, make the bed, teeth are cleaned, sunscreen is applied to our faces, legs and feet and our 50+ sun protection gear is put on. We both have long sleeved tops and legionnaire type hats that we wear while on the beach. I just love this 50 + sun protection gear so much, they are incredible light weight and breathable and you never need to worry about getting burnt by the sun. We then pile into the truck and head to the beach. The beach track is only a little way from the camp ground so we are on the beach by 7 most mornings. And so begins a day on the beach looking for signs of fish life, the phrases "melon holes" and "gutters"are mentioned throughout the day as well as "wind direction" and "tide times". These all have a bearing on how stealthy you have to be to catch a fish.

 Lovely Hubby has the patience of a saint, I don't, however, and if the fish aren't biting, I go off for a wander on the beach. I walk the high and low tide marks looking for shells and this last time saw me collecting plastic bottles and debris as well as glass bottles. Every time we drove up the beach looking for a better fishing spot, I would do the same, see if the fish are active, if not I was off for a walk. I must do heaps of miles, walking on the beach, but I just love it. Sometimes I will slosh around in the crashing waves and other time I will walk the high and dry, powdery white sand. 

My stomach always lets me know when it is morning tea and lunch time. Morning tea is just a Nut Bar and a cup of tea and lunch is a wrap with tuna and coleslaw and sometimes leftovers from the night before. We carry a good esky in the truck and use a frozen water bottle in it to keep things super cool. We bring 2 water bottles with us so while one is being re-frozen in the freezer section of our camp fridge the other frozen one is keeping things cool in the esky.

We head back to camp at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, of course depending on whether the fish are biting or not. We then unpack the truck, take out the lunch containers and head for the showers. I tell you, there isn't a shower like it in the world. Even though it is timed, 2 minute shower and it uses bore water, you end up feeling like you have been to the best beauty spa. Every part of your body feels refreshed and clean, I just love it. 

Back at camp I start on an early dinner, I put on either rice or potatoes to cook and make up the coleslaw. I make a dry-slaw at home and put into a sealed container. I then just take out what is needed for that night and mix through some mayonnaise and Voila, the best tasting, fresh coleslaw. I find making and taking this dry-slaw mix so convenient and versatile. Great with BBQ dinners and on wraps for lunches as well as going in my Thai fish curry (without the mayo of course) I just finely chop 1/4 to 1/2 a red cabbage, 1 to 2 carrots, 4 celery sticks and 2 spring onions. Mix it all together and seal it in a container. It stays perfectly fresh for the whole week. 

After dinner we clean up the kitchen and read for while before heading for bed by 7.30. It is just bliss.   Simple living at its best. No shops, no maddening crowd, no TV, just spending a thoroughly lovely day with the man I love, at the place I love the most in the whole wide world. 

So, over to you, any avid campers out there? Where do you love to go?


  1. No I am not a camper Fiona but you are doing a good job of converting me! I think those sun suits are a great idea. Those times I have gone fishing with my husband I have taken a book or like you, wandered off to explore. I have found nothing beats going along on fishing trips for absolute relaxation. I must talk to him about going on a fishing trip soon. When he goes fishing now it is usually just down behind our place off our neighbours pontoon but though it is beautiful it is a bit of a hot spot so I don't go with him. What a good idea to make the dry-slaw before hand.

  2. I'm not really a camper, Fiona, though we do pitch the tent for backyard camp-outs with our boy. I do, however, love the beach and like you have a most favourite place in the entire world that we've returned to year after year after year. We'll be there in just under a week's time...the beach, the ocean, the trees and the peace of it all is something that calls me back. What a relaxing time fishing you and your hubby have had. Meg:)

  3. Would love to be a camper, but I love my own toilet. As I get older being home is enough for me, funny I used to love the beach. I still do, but only for a little while, then I want to sit by a cool breeze and learn to be a vegetable or read, sometime both. Thanks for sharing, love your photos. Guida.

  4. Hi Fiona, we are looking at getting a camp fridge/freezer - since there is only 2 of us now what size would you recommend, ie is yours right for you or could you get away with a smaller/bigger one? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Helen,
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we have a EvaCool 75 litre, fridge/freezer. It is just perfect for a weeks supply of food. It works on 240V/12v. You can buy a insulated bag to cover it which I would recommend. It has 2 handy fridge baskets which makes it easy to get to food in the bottom of the fridge.
      Hope this helps

  5. Yes it does Fiona and thanks for taking the time to give this info. Helen


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