What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

It has been really hot and humid here, with some powerful afternoon storms to cap it off. At least we are getting some much needed rain. It's amazing how the rain just lifts the plants so much more than watering with a hose will.

The boys went away for a long weekend of fishing to celebrate our sons birthday. I didn't mind staying behind, as someone needs to be home to look after my Mother in law. So, what started out as a quiet weekend at home ended up quite big and tiring as my Mother in law took ill and I had to take her to hospital, even though it is a big private hospital and she has good health insurance it doesn't mean she was seen or was admitted any quicker than a public hospital. She ended up finally getting a bed after being in emergency for nearly 9 hours.

My darling sister invited me to dinner on Sunday, which I wouldn't have been able to go to, if my Mother in law was at home, so, the end of the weekend was lovely, having a beautiful dinner with my sister and her family. My sister made Lamb Koftas and served it with steamed Brown Basmati Rice, papadums and raita and for dessert we had lovely mangoes, white peaches, strawberries and ice-cream, it was so delicious. I was so grateful for a lovely meal and some family time after being at the hospital. I didn't take any photos of the lovely dinner, I was just too tired to remember. My Mother in law is doing Okay, as well as can be expected, she is one tough cookie! 

What we bought
Shopping from ALDI, Woolworths and Nothlings Quality Meats

What we spent
ALDI-$60.90 + extra on Thursday $7.06 for Avocado's and Tomatoes
Coles-$8.05 extra items purchased Monday for white vinegar, cheap table salt, cream and ice cream. The vinegar and salt was to make homemade weed killer
Nothlings Quality Meats-115.72 

Total-$270.03-it was an expensive week, with extra meat and groceries bought for the boys to take away for the long weekend

What we ate
Wednesday-leftover Spice Beef with steamed Basmati rice and Bok Choy. I added some hardboiled eggs to the sauce on Sunday night after dinner, to make the leftovers enough for another meal. The boiled eggs are just delicious as they take on the flavour of the sauce 

Thursday-A lovely takeaway from China Corner-Lemon Chicken and Mongolian Lamb. 
My Mother in law shouts us dinner on Thursdays

Friday and Saturday-Honey and Soy Chicken with steamed Basmati Rice 

Monday and Tuesday-Slow Cooked Beef Pot Roast with Creamy Mashed Potato, Carrots and the best Gravy ever, recipe coming soon! 

So, that was what was on our family table this week, what about you? 


  1. Hope your mother in law has a quick recovery and you get plenty of rest. Happy Birthday to your son. Take care, Guida.

    1. Hi Guida,
      Thanks for the well wishes, my Mother in law is doing well, she is made of tough stuff! It simply baffles me how she keeps bouncing back. Talk about a strong mind. Thanks also for the birthday wishes for Jake, he had a ball over the weekend.

  2. Hi Fiona enjoy your blog. Hope your mother in-law is doing well.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the well wishes for MIL, she is doing well. Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog, I love doing it!


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