What we spent and ate this fortnight

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This is a bigger post than usual, as it spans two weeks, one week of that was away camping at Noosa North Shore. We always seem to have the same menu when camping, easy food that is also delicious. I make a batch of my rissole mix to take up with us, that will feed us for two nights, we usually have two meals of sausages, if we catch a bream or two they go into a very easy Thai Coconut Sauce and I serve it with steamed rice and lastly we have a can of Baked Beans with Steamed potatoes and sour cream. Although the Baked Bean meal didn't happen this time as I was able to bring up two serves of frozen leftover Beef Curry and I steamed some rice to have with it. We had this on the first night for a quick and easy meal after setting up camp that day. I also make up a big container of dry-slaw and just add mayo one the night we are having it. My dry-slaw is finely sliced red cabbage, carrot, celery and spring onion, totally easy and delicious.

Also you may notice I haven't included a weekly grocery photo, I have been having issues with my phone and I accidentally deleted the photo before it was downloaded.

What we spent
ALDI-$65.40 + extra shopping on Sunday $116.91(top up, after camping, to see us through until Wednesday, which is our normal grocery shopping day)
Coles-$71.55 + extra shopping on Sunday $13.62
Total for the Fortnight-$267.48

What we ate
First week, Wednesday-Bacon, Spinach and Tomato Frittata with steamed Broccolini 

Thursday-Chickpea and Chorizo Pot Pies with Green Beans, Tomatoes and Bacon 

Friday and Saturday-Pan Fried Fish with My Thai Sauce, Steamed Basmati Rice and Asian Greens

First camping night, Sunday-Leftover Beef Massaman Curry, steamed rice and chutney

Monday and Wednesday-Beef Rissoles with Coleslaw and Steamed Potato and home made Ricotta

Tuesday and Friday-Sausages with Coleslaw, Steamed Potato and home made Ricotta

Thursday-Bream in a Thai Coconut sauce and steamed rice, I also added some of the dry-slaw mix to this dish, it is always so delicious, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo, sorry.

Saturday (home from camping)-I pushed the easy button and bought a BBQ chicken, our son had bought some ready made potato salad and coleslaw during the week we were away, so we used some of these to have with the chicken. It was a lovely easy dinner, I was totally exhausted after packing up the camp, getting home and catching up with everything at home

Second Week, Sunday-Curried Mince, steamed rice, papadums, chutney and yoghurt

Monday-Brined Pork Chops with big tossed salad

Tuesday-Chicken and Pesto Pasta with steamed asparagus

So, that was the eats in our home, what was on your family table this week? 

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