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Back in to the swing

Thursday, 29 December 2016
Hello Dear Reader,

With all the lead up to Christmas, it is a relief to get back into the swing of my normal, simple life. Not that I strayed too far from the frugal path, preparing for our family Christmas. I definitely didn't go crazy with gift buying or go to the Boxing Day Sales, it's just not for me. Everyone, that is special to us, received a really beautiful, practical gift that they wanted and needed. Nothing superfluous or frivolous, just thoughtful gifts, that bought them joy.

I went back to work yesterday, but have the rest of the week off, plus the weekend and the public holiday on Monday, makes for 5 days off, so it still feels a bit strange and I have to ask myself what day of the week it is. Despite this, I have settled back into frugal habits that just come naturally to me.  I started last Monday when I was tidying up after Christmas day, I kept all the gift boxes and bags to re-use next year, most of the gifts that were in these, were from grateful clients of lovely hubby and son.  I am not going to buy anymore wrapping paper next year, I will be making Christmas Sacks to avoid more rubbish going to landfill.

All the laundry was washed with this home made laundry liquid. I am so impressed with this one and will continue to use it for a long time. It is so economical to make.

I hung all the washing in the sun to dry, we haven't had any rain of late, which isn't good for the garden, but great to get the clothes dry.

Cleaned the toilets with this home made toilet cleaner and plain white, own brand vinegar, works a treat and no nasty bleach in sight.

Used this home made weed killer to get rid of this nasty weed. I am always on the look out for this invasive weed and use this weed killer by just pouring it on. I poured it on the weed in the morning, before going to work and this is what it looked like by the afternoon, already starting to die back.

Used this home made, recycled, self watering pot to plant out some JalapeƱo chilli seeds. The little container was from the Introduction to Permaculture I did last year with Morag Gamble. These simple little containers work wonderfully well.

I dug out this worm tower from the back of the veggie garden. It really wasn't working or being utilised in this spot. I have plans of looking for a recycled planter, to put this in, and plant around it. I think it will work and the nutrients that come from the worms, just doing their thing, will be great for the herbs and veggies, I plant in it. This is the idea here.

I removed two Red Paw Paw trees that I had raised and planted to the left side of the veggie garden. It wasn't a good spot for them, not enough room to have four of these Paw Paw trees in such a small space. I also removed a rambling and almost had it, self seeded tomato plant that had grown out of the, now removed, worm tower. I fertilised the garden with worm tea, dug it over and laid down mulch. I planted out the empty space with some Chia and Chilli seeds.

These are the two Red Paw Paw plants that I dug out, they will go to work for a couple of co-workers that wanted one.

I made a couple of jars (one has already been eaten on sandwiches with ham for lunches) of
Tomato relish with these home grown tomato's. I still have two self seeded tomato bushes that I just let ramble, I find the minute you start fussing over tomatoes they turn up their toes. I just keep picking the ripe ones and once I have enough for the relish I will make some more

These are pumpkin plants that I have raised from saved seeds, I will select the strongest one and let it ramble along the side of the house.

 I tidied the tomato plant that was rambling along the pineapple plants so they could see more sunlight. These are pineapples that I grew from tops of bought pineapples, I just screw the tops in and let them do their thing, it's a long wait for a pineapple but it's fun and it's free. I also have a basil plant that is going to seed so I just flopped it down into the garden for the seed to fall into soil. I always have basil growing this way. 

Cut up some not so wonderful strawberries and gave them some love in the form of a teaspoon of icing sugar. We finished them with our breakfast fruit and yoghurt bowls.

So, as you can see, I am back into the swing of what makes me happy and makes my home hum along to the beat of the frugal drum. 

Have you settled back into your normal routine yet?

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