Brining Pork Chops

Hello Dear Reader,

I don't eat a lot of meat, but when I do, I like it to be really tender and succulent, not like shoe leather, if you get my drift. My darling mum would always buy the big pork cushion chops and slowly grill them, serving them with home made apple sauce, nothing really fancy, just good, simple food.

I can't remember her pork chops ever being dry, I think it was the layers of fat running through that cut of pork. We like to buy the loin chops now, and, if you're not careful they can end up being dry, by brining them, you are always guaranteed of juicy, well seasoned and succulent pork chops. It is a super simple method and even a quick one hour brine will make the world of difference. So, if you don't like shoe leather but love juicy pork chops, try this little kitchen hack that will make you a pork rock star in your kitchen.

Ingredients for brining pork, clockwise from top right- 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon juniper berries, 2 star anise, 1/4 cup salt, 4 cups water and 1 teaspoon pepper corns 

Combine all the ingredients, stirring to dissolve the salt and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes 

Let brine cool and then pour over pork chops, pop in the fridge and let sit in the liquid for up to 4 hours. Blot dry with paper towel before cooking

The golden rule for cooking pork chops is 6-2-2, 6 minutes first side, 2 minutes second side and 2 minutes rest. This is for a 2 cm cut of pork loin.

So, tell me, what is your favourite way to cook pork? 


  1. Hi Fiona,

    So interesting that you post about brining today. We had a brined turkey for Thanksgiving and it was probably the best tasting turkey I have ever had. I now have it in my mind to brine chicken and that is what I just served for dinner today and it was delicious. I've been wondering about brining pork or beef and you just answered the pork question. How about beef? Any ideas?

    Have a wonderful week. It's snowing here today and we're just in the beginning of winter so I'm not too excited about snow.


    1. Hi Alice,
      I have only ever brined pork, so sorry I can't help with the beef question.
      As we are on the other side of the world we have just started our stupid hot summer. So far we have had 3 devastating hail storms and are expecting another one on Tuesday arvo. We would love to experience a white Christmas 🎄
      Kind regards


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