My Annual Flybuys Shop

Hello Dear Reader,

As you probably know by now, we are not big consumers and try to buy only what we truly need. I shop at Coles and Kmart, a little bit and always swipe my Flybuys card at the register. Over the course of a year I accumulate a small amount of points and instead of claiming a small "non essential item" I convert these points into money to be spent in-store. I then wait for any super duper specials at the end of the year and "purchase" them for free. This is the third year I have done this and I love it. The feeling of getting groceries for free is great and it's a bit of fun to see how far I can stretch the accumulated money.

I had to do some Christmas baking shopping yesterday as well as pick up some specials and other items, so I decided to use the money off on that shop. There are a couple of other items, obviously not for Christmas baking, although I may need the paracetamol after I have had a big day in the kitchen! I also bought a 5 kg bag of rice, as it was half price, my usual bag of bread flour, as I was almost out, some asian greens, a couple of bottles of mayo, as they were half price, a box of Kiwi's, as they were marked down, and some tinsel for Christmas decorating at work. Everything else will be utilised in the next week or so getting all my Christmas baking done.

So with the shop below, I got a 5 kg bag of Rice, a 10 kg bag of bread flour, a box of marked down apples, a box of 8 Kiwis and two packets of Cadbury Baking Chocolate chips, for free, nix, nada, nothing!

I saved $40 on this shop, thats 40% off, good value in anyones language 

As I don't go overboard spending on non essential items during the year, the amount of points I accumulate on Flybuys isn't really a lot, however by saving it up until the end of the year I usually get between $40 and $50 off a shop towards the end of the year. Not bad for free hey!

So, tell me, what does your grocery store offer in the way of rewards? Do you convert you Flybuy points into real live money?


  1. I do the exact same thing! I usually use the points dollars to stock up on non perishable items, but I also buy them on sale so as you say stretching those dollars as far as possible.

  2. I do a similar thing, Fiona. I try as much as possible to minimise what I spend at the supermarkets because I am trying to support local businesses/markets ... this tends to be for fresh food like meat, fruit/veg, bulk foods like nuts. When I do shop at the supermarket, it's usually for purchasing specials that I know I'll use immediately or can add to my stockpile. I redeem the points as $10off lots become available knowing I'm getting a further discount on the specials I've already purchased for good prices. Meg:)


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