My plastic replacement for December

Hello Dear Reader,

I first heard about this beautiful range of skin care over at "The Rogue Ginger" and I thought what a fantastic idea. They have formulated skin care in solid bar form using only natural ingredients, therefore eliminating the need for a plastic bottle. "Give up the bottle" is a phrase or rather a movement that they have started to encourage people to reduce their reliance on plastic bottles and I think it's wonderful. I have been using the skin care for about 3 weeks now and have to say the products are just beautiful, easy to use and full of goodness.

Bliss Bar-Face Cleansing Bar, is easy to use, slightly foamy, very creamy, non drying and will remove all makeup. You simple wet your face and your hands, lather, then massage your face with the oh, so, soft lather and rinse or use a wash cloth to remove. 

The Perfector-Solid Face Cream, comes in 3 sections, remove one, warm in your hands for 5 to 10 seconds, stroke the bar across your forehead, cheeks and chin, then massage in. You only need a tiny amount. I also massage it down my neck. Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes before applying makeup. I keep both the section I am using and the other two unused sections in the fridge as I feel it becomes too soft in our heat and humidity and you end up using more, which is just a waste.

Ethique also kindly put in a little bonus of a solid bar shampoo. I was a little sceptical, but have to say I just love it and when the sample is finished, will be ordering a bar. Sweet, no more bottles of shampoo! The solid bar shampoo producers a soft lather, that is gently but cleansing at the same time. I know I have very short hair and it really wouldn't matter what I use, but it is lovely. Everything you would expect in a shampoo but in a solid bar form. 

So, bit by bit, I am reducing my reliance on plastic in my home. Small but meaningful steps.

Over to you, how do you reduce your reliance on plastic in your home? 

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  1. Getting rid of plastic is a huge thing - it is like wheat and everything!

  2. Hi Fiona. I hope you had a lovely Christmas...all the food you've been baking looked delicious! I've been reducing the plastics in our home steadily over the last few years. My favourite plastic replacements so far are the beeswax wraps I use instead of plastic cling film, glass storage containers instead of plastic and raw, organic coconut oil that I use for all-over moisturiser. It comes in a big, glass jar that is re-usable:) Meg


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