This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It was lovely to get away camping for a week, but equally lovely coming home. We have had a busy week, just getting back into the groove of work and housework. As I have mentioned before, I love our camping trips and think it is the most frugal of all holidays. There is no temptation to spend extra money while away because there simply isn't any place to buy anything. Of course there is the little shop at the camping grounds, but like all places that have a captive audience, they charge like a wounded bull, for any basics you may have forgotten. We have had our camping gear for many years and as we look after it, it should see us out.

So this is this weeks 5 frugal things-

1. Cleaned and packed everything away carefully, as we packed up our camp on Saturday. That means when we get home, all we need to do is put away the camping gear away in its spot in the garage, ready for next time. There were a few items that needed some maintenance as we were packing up, such as spraying all the zips of the tent and bed bag so that the zips wouldn't seize. I think prevention is always better than cure and maintaining items and being frugal go hand in hand.

2. Rode my bike to work each day, I am back riding after an 8 week break due to Magpie Season. Those little birds just freak me out so much, it isn't worth riding, as even if I don't get attacked, I am constantly searching for a black and white missile swooping from above. I bought this bike second hand, 2 years ago, from a lady in Brisbane who worked at the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital. At one stage we had a "Buy and Sell" page on our work Intranet, it was awesome and over the years I had used it heaps of times. Unfortunately it was taken down due to cost cutting measures. Any way this retro style bike is in fabulous condition and I just love it so much. I call the colour "Biscuit" which, I think,  is entirely appropriate, for me. 

3. Kept and froze the whey from making home made Ricotta. I used the first batch of Ricotta just plain, as it was, as an accompaniment for our BBQ's while away camping and the second batch I made a Whipped Herby Ricotta Dip (recipe coming soon) So from making this ricotta I ended up with 6 bags of whey. I froze the whey in recipe quantity lots, which is about 350 grams for both 
light and fluffy pancakes and whey crepes (recipe coming soon). No waste, Sweet!

4. Did a thorough check of the fridge and pantry to see what needed using up before writing a menu and shopping list, on Tuesday afternoon. No good buying more of anything we already have plenty of. I am in the mindset that less is more, I believe it prevents food waste of any sort. Food is just too expensive to waste anything. The photo below was taken this morning, I have all the food that needs using up, front and centre, if it's not hiding there is a better chance of it being eaten. 

5. Closed the blinds early and got the fans going to blow around cooler air to keep the house cool. Our Summer has just started and it heats up by about 10 am. I will do anything to prevent putting the air conditioning on. It really chews through the power. So far this week we have had two afternoon storms. The weather pattern is getting back to the how it was when I was growing up. A stinking hot day followed by powerful storms with lots of rain, late in the afternoon. I don't want the damaging part of the storms, just the rain, thank you very much.

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