This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

I started a frugal list for this blog post, but then it kind of morphed into yesterdays post, about getting back to my normal, frugal way of living. Never mind, I am always thinking frugally so it was pretty easy to write about more. I haven't set foot in a supermarket or shop for any reason as lovely hubby did the grocery shopping, as usual, on Wednesday, while I was at work, and there hasn't been a thing I have needed, apart from our normal weekly groceries. I will avoid going to shops if I can help it.

1. Made a salad dressing out of Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, honey and oil. I never buy salad dressing as I always have these ingredients in the house and just make it as I need it. 

2. I used the dressing on a big tossed salad. Most of the lettuce leaves were picked fresh, from my veggie pod

I have planted the veggie pod out with mixed lettuce, silverbeet, amaranth, chilli seeds and perennial coriander

3. We had the salad with the rest of the roast meats from Christmas day, to use them up. No waste, ever!

4. Made a frittata, for yesterdays Breakfast, with some leftover chopped roast veggies and some ham from Christmas day. I picked the parsley and garlic chives from my garden to go in the frittata

5. Made some Bentonite Clay Toothpaste for my Daughters Partner, with ingredients already in the house. He is quite interested in an alternative to everyday toothpaste 

5.1. Made a jar of Mixed Roasted Nut Butter for my Daughter and Partner to take back home with them. I just buy a packet of ALDI own brand mixed roasted nuts and blitz them with a little honey and oil, perfect!

5.2 Cut up and froze, in a single layer, on some baking paper, a couple of daggy bananas. I will use these in a banana cake or banana pancakes

So, that's my frugal list, I'd love to hear what you've been up to, on the frugal front.


  1. I agree about the salad dressings. I still use my Nan's recipe which is powdered milk, water, vinegar and sugar. It goes wonderful on plain salad greens and lettuce

  2. Your garden pod looks great all planted up, Fiona. I hope you'll enjoy many harvest from it. We've been eating leftovers here with salad all week too ... delicious! And I cut up and froze many bananas as I use them in smoothies. I make my own nut butters too, I like that you can make them with no sugar. Just fresh peanuts and macadamia nut oil makes for a lovely peanut butter! Meg:)


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