Whats growing in the garden in December

Hello Dear Reader,

It has been a while since I last posted about our garden, mainly because I have had spectacular flops and failures, with pests and disease taking out quite a few plants. I posted about the black spot, fungal infection I have on the Red Paw Paws, I keep stripping the affected leaves to keep it at bay and I have quite a large number of fruit growing and starting to ripen. We have eaten one red paw paw and it was delicious, if a bit small. I had to cut away the affected bits but the remaining fruit was sweet and soft.

The other flops were the potatoes and the pumpkin vine. The potatoes were taken by a fungal disease, I did manage to grow a few, which was nice but not the kilo's I had imagined. The pumpkin vine just wouldn't set fruit and it eventually died.The other flop was the beautiful Mustard greens, I had them growing in the veggie pod and in pots and all of them got eaten by tiny caterpillars, all within a few days of each other. I only get out to the garden a couple of times during the week and in the space of a few days they had all been munched and destroyed. I was so upset and angry that I hadn't noticed earlier, they were just about ready to start harvesting.

I have had all sorts of bugs to deal with and in the last two weeks there has been an influx of a little flying insect that has settled on the Red Paw Paws and the Panama Berry. I don't believe they are a fruit fly. They don't seem to be doing any damage to the plants or the fruit, they are just there in droves. They take flight as soon as you touch or move the plant and hover around your face. They don't bite or sting, they just are a nuisance. I have tried to do some research on them but I am unable to find out anything about them on the internet. They are pictured below. Any ideas of what they might be?

Now for the wins. The pineapples are starting to fruit, all the herbs, except for the rocket, which has finished, are continuing to flourish, the passionfruit vine gave us so much fruit I was able to freeze quite a few bags of pulp, I have replanted some ginger knobs and they have started to shoot. The fruit trees all seem happy with the Lime, Panama Berry and Pomegranate all flowering and fruiting. I have planted out the veggie pod with Lettuce, Silverbeet and Chia seedlings and I have dug up, divided and re-planted the Perennial Coriander. I have about a dozen plants of this, potted on, to give away. It is such a hardy and prolific herb.

My Pineapple Patch with a self seeded cherry tomato trailing through them

The Kaffir lime tree flanked by another two Pineapples and self seeded Basil at the back, now going to seed
A beautiful baby Pineapple
The Passionfruit vine has finished fruiting but I think it is getting ready to flower again. In the forefront is the Japoticaba and the Lemon tree. I was brutal with the Lemon tree and cut it right back to bare bones when I re-potted it into a larger pot. No flowers yet, but it is very healthy looking. I will be waiting a good while for the Japoticaba to fruit, maybe my, yet to be Grandchildren, will be able to enjoy them
I freshened up the potted Pomegranate with new potting mix and mulch in the hope of better fruiting. So far this season there are only 3 fruit on. Next to it is another potted Pineapple. I do have a lot of pineapples as I just kept on planted out the tops of ones we bought and ate
The herbs are doing alright. I have Basil, Oregano, Sorrel, Thyme and Sage still growing from last season. I have to plant out some more rocket seeds in that empty planter
The Wisteria vine (at least, that is what I think it is) is, at last, starting to grow again. I am trying to shape it into a love heart
The Ginger is growing well due to all the lovely rain we have been having
The veggie pod, planted out with Lettuce, Parsley, divided Perennial Coriander, Silverbeet and Chia plants
The Panama Berry, Grumichama, a potted Pineapple and Lychee and all doing well
Looking down along the side of the house toward the veggie garden. The long grass needs a cut back. Every time it rains it get top heavy and leans over, impacting on the path.
Red Paw Paws, Lime tree, Rosemary and a few random plants that have come up on their own. A Cherry Tomato and a tiny Strawberry plant
The mystery bug. They don't seem to be doing any damage to the plants, they are just there, hanging around the plants

So, tell me, what's growing in your garden, at this time of year?


  1. What a great post. I felt like I was wandering up and down the paths with you chatting down my ear about each plant. Loved it.

    1. Hi Mr H, thanks for the kind words, I do love my garden, I just get so frustrated with pests and disease taking every thing I try and grow. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your garden is looking good, I'm sorry I cant help you with identifying those insects. Let's hope they continue to be good and not do any damage. Take care, Guida.


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