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A Before and After

Thursday, 26 January 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

Leading up to Christmas last year, my crowded sewing room became the dumping ground for everything and anything that I didn't have the time to deal with. Holy cow, look at this mess. It is already quite crowded with some good antique furniture that I have inherited that is currently not being used. My theory for hanging onto it is, that one day the kids might want it for their homes. I don't know whether that will happen but for now I am hesitant to give it away. 

All this mess was simply items that needed to be dealt with and I was just overwhelmed by it all. Everything that was in here was put in here with good intentions. I had two pink mesh washing bags that needed to be mended, they were a simple, five minute patch job on the sewing machine, yet they had been sitting there for months. I had washed the sleeping bags but hadn't gotten around to rolling them up and putting them away. There were items that needed to be donated that I simply had not made it into the car for donation. Being time poor and a procrastinator is not a great combination!

Along with the furniture there is quite a lot of "stuff" that belongs to both my son and daughter. This "stuff" needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later, so, this is the next area I am going to de-clutter and deep clean. My daughter is very artistic and there are some old projects in here that either need to go up to Cairns with her or if she doesn't want them, be donated to one of many charity centres we have on the Peninsula. 
Before-What a mess!


The furniture is still in there, but at least there is space around my sewing table and everything that belongs to me has had a really good sort out and clean.

In this cube display case there are a few things that belong to me, the mask from Venice, a few patchwork magazines, the long arm for my sewing machine, my two camera bags and lens box, a basket that contains my offcuts of material that I just can't throw away, a bag containing keepsakes from my nieces beautiful wedding in 2012 and a wrapped present that has now been given to my sister. Everything else doesn't belong to me so these will need to be sorted. 

I am so glad this room has been semi-de-cluttered and it has given the incentive I need to continue with this year long de-cluttering process

So, tell me, do you have a room, that has got a little out of hand, like mine was?


  1. Oh, yes! That room at our place is called the study! And, I hate to admit it, but most of the stuff cluttering up our study is my old teaching stuff and the zillions of books that I have collected, read to countless children over the years, and now can't give away because I love their stories so. I have cleaned out the large cupboards in here though and gave away 4 boxes of teaching materials to a friend who can use them. I kept some though for when I do relief teaching. Your sewing room looks much better, Fi, and now you can sit down to sew! Meg:)

  2. I don't call it "mess"...I call it creative clutter :-)