Home Made Dulce de Leche

Hello Dear Reader,

This adventure came about, because of a recipe for Healthy Rum Balls, that didn't quite work out. I know its a long stretch from healthy rum balls to delicious Dulce de Leche, but stay with me. So as part of my "12 Days of Christmas"posts, I had researched a recipe for a healthier option for good, old fashioned Rum Balls. I found a great recipe, I made them, well, the flavour was fantastic, amazing, but they were as dry as dust and not a nice mouth feel at all. So the two jars of Rum Balls I had made, sat in the fridge, until I thought of what to do with them. Because, you know, I waste nothing!

Fast forward to last Saturday and while walking past the fruit bowl, I noticed we had a serious glut of fast ripening Banana's, I instantly thought "Banana Cake" and then even better, I thought"Banoffee Pie" All I would need to buy is a can of Top and Fill, a small bottle of cream and a packet of biscuits for the biscuit base. A'HA! that's it! Not so great, dry, Healthy Rum Balls = Biscuit Base for Banoffee Pie. And then I remembered reading about making your own thick and gorgeous Caramel, AKA Dulce de Leche (Candy of Milk) at home, in the slow cooker. So that is exactly what I did. See I am always thinking about food!

Place two sealed tins of ordinary, everyday, own brand, condensed milk in the bowl of the slow cooker. Cover, completely, with water and cook on low for 8 hours. Thats it! After I took the photo, I re-read the article and they recommend lying the cans on their side, so thats what I did. It cooks more evenly if you put the cans on their sides

Using your slow cooker takes away the dangerous method of boiling the tins on the stovetop, BUT you still need to be careful. Wait until the tins have cooled completely in the slow cooker, before even touching them and taking the lids off, OKAY, are we all good? Please be very careful. I don't want anyone spending time at the Emergency Department. 

Yes, it really is, as thick and gorgeous, as the photos portrays! Now, I'm off to make a Banoffee Pie.

Do your thoughts always wander to food and eating or an I just a bit obsessed?


  1. Oh, your post has me thinking of childhood days, Fiona. My mother would boil tins of condensed milk in a big pot on the wood stove for hours and then we would have to WAIT for hours until they were ready to open. This homemade caramel became caramel tart and with fresh cream was the ultimate indulgence. Thankyou for the memory! Meg:)

  2. I agree with Meg - brings back childhood memories by the bucket load.


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