One mans an Agave, apparently

Hello Dear Reader,

When I take my Mother in laws dogs for a walk, during the working week, it is usually just on night fall, so apart from the path, which is well lit, I can't really see much else. A while ago though, I took the dogs for a walk in the afternoon and I spied a plant down in the ditch that looked like a good size Agave, I lined its position up with the path so I would remember were it was and later that week, lovely hubby and I went for a walk to retrieve, what looked like, a thrown out, Agave.

Lovely Hubby bought an old potting mix bag hoping it would fit in it, but the Agave was too big 

So he just carried it home

It is quite a good size and in good condition, why anyone would throw it out, baffles me. It needed a bit of a clean up though, I then put it in a bucket of water until it grew some roots and then I planted it out. 

We planted it where a fish pond used to be, we filled it in a while ago and I had been wondering what to plant there. Problem solved and it was free!

Over to you, what fab, free thing have you received and utilised, recently?


  1. Hey, that's pretty good. It looks like it has been growing at your place there for years


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