Prawn and Mango Rice Paper Rolls

Hello Dear Reader,

Because of this stupid heat and humidity we have been having lovely light meals for dinner that don't take a lot of cooking or are cooked outside in the BBQ. I love mango and I love prawns, these rice paper rolls taste amazing, are easy to make and there is no actual cooking involved, Sweet!

I made up the mango salsa earlier in the day and lovely hubby peeled and de-veined the prawns for me, so with us each doing something to contribute, dinner it was easy. 

Ingredients for Prawn and Mango Rice Paper Rolls, clockwise from top right-
Coriander or Vietnamese mint (I used both) red onion, lime, jalapeño chillies, rice papers, red capsicum, 2 to 3 mango depending on size and of course cooked, peeled and de-veined prawns.
 ( Lovely Hubby has a barter system with a gentleman who owns a prawn trawler)

For the salsa, cube the mango, finely chop the onion, capsicum, red onion and jalapeño and squeeze over the juice of one lime

Give it a good stir and put in the fridge until needed

Get out everything  you will need to assemble these amazing rice paper rolls. For the rice paper you will need a shallow wide bowl of warm water to soak them in and a clean linen tea towel to "blot" the rice paper, before filling

Working with one rice paper at a time, immerse the rice paper in the warm water for about 20 seconds

Lay on the clean linen tea towel

Lay down the herb you are using, face down on the rice paper

Lay down 3 overlapping prawns on top of the herb

Spoon over a spoonful of mango salsa

Fold in the sides

And start to roll up

Continue rolling

Until sealed, the herb will now be on top, pretty!

Simple and so deliciously fresh, just perfect in the heat of a Hot Summer Night!

Since I wrote this, there has been a welcomed cool change that has come through and yesterday was the first day we didn't have the air conditioning on!

How is the whether where you are? What are you making for dinners at the moment?


  1. Here in the South of France it is maximum 7 or 8°C during the day and around 0°C at night. Lots of soup and casseroles on the menu.

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