This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

I am well and truly back into the swing of my normal routine, up early, work, home, complete jobs on list, walk the dogs, dinner with Mother in law, home, bed. Summarised like that, it doesn't seem so bad and in a way it's not. It's a routine that works, I think, because I am a list writer and I have wonderful support from lovely hubby, and that's why it all gets done by the end of the day. It's a routine that works for us, for now anyway. 

Being in a good routine and frugality, I think, go hand in hand. If you develop a good routine where being frugal is fundamental to your goals, it makes sense that you will do, what ever needs doing in the most frugal way. Being frugal helps us to eat well, keep on top of the housework, prepay most of the bills, save an emergency fund, prepay our holidays, sleep well and because of all of this, be happy. It really does make a huge difference to our lives.

So, this is what I have been up to on the frugal front-

1. I poured a little of my home made vanilla essence into a jar of bought, vanilla bean paste, let it sit for a day of two, to loosen all the "black gold" gave it a good swirl and poured it back into the bottle of vanilla essence. No waste of such an expensive product.

2. I cooked 500 grams of dried Chickpeas in my slow cooker for 10 hours. I then drained, rinsed and drained the cooked chickpeas again and packaged them up into 250 gram lots and froze them. Ready whenever I need, what is equal to, a can of chickpeas. Buying dry chickpeas and cooking them this way works out to be about 50 cents a can, it is a saving, but I think you also end up with a softer, plumper chickpea.

3. Cut up and froze down the rest of a bunch of dill that we bought for a recipe last week. No waste and I have perfect portion size Dill ready to go whenever I need it

4. Made two spectacular Banoffee Pies that were made from "Healthy Rum Ball" mixture that tasted great but the texture was not right and some excess bananas. Again, no waste, Sweet!

5. Lovely Hubby had bought me an iPad Air for Christmas (I really fantastic surprise) I went to Kmart to look for a case for it. I seem to always be attracted to grey/black colours, so these caught my eye. This case is simple, sturdy and really practical. There was a ticket on them for 5 cents, surely they meant $5, which would have been a bargain anyway. But, when I scanned it, it came up as 5 cents, so I went back and got another one. That should last me a while!

What an absolute bargain, 10 cents for two iPad air cases.

What about you? What have you been up to on the frugal front? Any amazing bargains from the New Year Sales?


  1. Oh, I am drooling at your banoffee pie! Noone else like bananas in my family so its pointless me making one unless I eat it all (may as well just slap on my thighs!)....
    I received an iPad Pro for Christmas but the case I bought was waaaay more expensive! Such a great bargain, that!
    I must try making my own vanilla essence!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. Hi, Fiona. Your i-pad cases were an amazing bargain!! And, while I don't actually like bananas (only when pregnant), your banoffee pie must be making many mouths water:) On the frugal front here, there's been lots of home cooking going on, mostly things for the freezer. I had to do lots of baking the other day when our fridge/freezer went on the blink overnight and I had so many packets of stockpiled frozen berries to turn into delicious somethings rather than see them go to waste. To replace the food in the fridge, that which I couldn't salvage, I used a voucher that we had for one of the supermarkets. Washing's been dried on the lines under the house as we've been having showers/rain and I don't have a clothes dryer. We've also stayed pretty close to home during the school holidays, not spending money on expensive outings but having friends to play and have sleep overs here. I've also been doing some sewing, I'm making a dress and I hope it will fit well. I had to practise buttonholes for over an hour before i felt confident enough to sew them in but now I have a new skill that I can use. Always learning! Have a lovely day. Meg:)


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