This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you to everyone who stops by and reads my little blog. It absolutely makes my day when you read my ramblings and leave a comment. I enjoy this blogging business, it is just an extension of my frugal life, I do everything I would normally do, I just take photos of it along the way. I know a lot of my frugality is around the topic of food but I feel that if you start saving money on food and see the benefits, you will want to embrace more frugal changes in other parts of your life. 

The next logical step for me was to try making cleaning products for my home. I know it's a different way of doing things and I guess it's not for everyone, but to me, it just makes sense. Imagine not ever having to go down the cleaning isle in the supermarket! I find it completely liberating and the results I get with home made cleaners just reinforces my use of them. I love a clean house and that is exactly what I have. 

1. Made up my first batch of orange vinegar. I just threw in the skins of an orange into a glass jar and topped it up with plain white home brand vinegar. I will let it steep for about two weeks before straining and putting into a spray bottle. This will then become a cleaner for the toilet and bathroom. 

2. Made almost two dozen bread rolls to have with prawns for dinner last Sunday. I have to work on getting them more uniform in size!

3. Continued to pick and eat Red Paw Paws that I grew from seed. For a while there it looked like I wouldn't get a healthy enough crop to eat. My Paw Paw trees were inundated with a fungal black spot. I just kept lopping the affected leaves off and they seem to have come good. I am thrilled to be able to eat what we grow!

4. Cut up the rest of the fruit I had both in the fridge and in the fruit bowl and made a stupendous fruit salad. I added some grated ginger and a few leaves of home grown basil, common mint and vietnamese mint. Oh my, it was really zingy!

5. Made another 2 jars of tomato relish from home grown cherry tomatoes. These tomato plants came up by themselves and apart from a little staking and water I haven't had to do a thing with these hardy plants. I think the plants that self seed are the best.

So, tell me, what have you been doing to live more frugally. Do you make your own household cleaners? Do you think they clean just as good as bought cleaners?


  1. Hi Fiona. Heading down the cleaning aisle of any supermarket just leaves me with watery eyes and the sneezes. Same thing happens in the perfume section at department stores. I use natural cleaners - bicarb, vinegar etc. and I have some microfibre cloths. I find they work just as well and cost a lot less! Meg:)

  2. I weigh my bread dough then divide by 12 to make rolls, that way they are more or less the same size. Making rolls is probably the most satisfying thing I do. Hubby loves a bread roll with his meals so Its asy to pull one out of the freezer, zap to soften then crisp bake in the oven. No nasty preservatives in them, either!

    1. Hi Joolz, what a terrific and simple solution to my wonky bread roll size problem. Thankyou. Have a fab Friday.

  3. I was only thinking yesterday while doing my weekly shop, how rarely I go down the cleaning aisle now! It must save us hundreds of dollars a year, but more importantly we are being exposed to less nasties! And I always feel quite smug, like I'm beating the big companies at their own game by not buying into their hype!

  4. Hi Fiona, we have made our own citrus cleaner for years and yes, it is fabulous. Re your bread roll dilemma - we divide by 12 and roll into a ball, then cook them in muffin tins - they turn out great every time!

  5. I cut down on chemicals in my cleaning by making Rhonda's (from Down to Earth blog) 'recipe' for home-made washing liquid for my washing machine. And vinegar and bi-carb pretty well copes with the rest. And a bit of elbow grease as required !


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