This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

As I have mentioned we are going through quite the heat wave at the moment and because of this we have had the air-conditioning going from about 8am to 8 pm. We have solar panels and we usually get a rebate but I fear we won't this time. I know the layout of our home makes it hard to keep cool. It is open plan with lots of windows which cop the full brunt of the sun as we have no eaves. So thank goodness for the air-con, I must be getting old as once upon a time I would rarely use it, just putting up with the heat to save money.

 As I mentioned in the "What we bought, spent and ate" post I have been avoiding cooking anything that would require me to stand at the stove for any length of time and I have continued that theme this week with the slow cooker being plugged in yesterday for a slow cooked Beef Strog and today lovely hubby is going to put a Chicken in to roast in the BBQ. Bring on some cool weather, I say!!

To counterbalance, what will be, a high electricity bill this quarter, I have been trying to be really frugal, by not going out, apart from work, not spending money, apart from necessities, planning my day to get the most out of it and not wasting a thing. I also have been going to bed very early and rising a bit earlier as well to try and get more done in the cool of the morning. So here is what I have been up to on the frugal front.

1. Used up the rest of the Christmas pudding by crumbling it and mixing it through some nice vanilla ice-cream, oh my it is delicious. I am not a huge fan of Christmas put, but this makes it a thousand times better. 

2. Made a spectacular passionfruit tart from ingredients already at home, little outlay for a beautiful tart. I had frozen passionfruit pulp when I had an abundance of fruit.

3. Made a bag for myself from left over material. My bag I made myself last May, was looking a bit tired so I made another one using the same pattern. This time though, instead of squares I sewed together strips and then sewed them into rows, I love the muted tones.

3a. I am also going to make a slim line lunch "sack" out of the same leftover material. As there are so many people at work and only one fridge we aren't allowed to put our insulated lunch bags in the fridge. And because my commute is so short, I really don't need my lunch bag to be insulated,  I would much rather have a lunch bag made from material than of plastic.

4. Bought back to life some bend-y broccolini, by giving it an iced bath. Ten minutes soaking equaled fresher, non-bend-y veg.

5. I have a couple of experiments going in the horticulture department at the moment. Below are avocado seeds that I have spiked with toothpicks so they are immersed in water. Apparently they will start to sprout and then you plant them out. Really just a bit of free fun

5a. These are seeds that I am drying, from the Magnolia trees at work, again just a bit of fun, but wouldn't it be a hoot if I grew my own Magnolia Trees!

So, tell me, what have you been up to on the frugal front?


  1. I'm in the same predicament as you with the air con. We would be lucky to use ours half a dozen times in an average summer, but this year, it's been on triple that amount of time already, we are inland a bit, and our temps are 35-40 with the humidity, I normally like Summer heat, but not this year!

    To make things worse we have now lost our full solar rebate, so I expect a bill next time, after years of credit!

    1. Hi Cheryl, can I ask, why did you lose your solar credit, I thought once you were locked in, that was it?

  2. Same here with air-con, Fiona. I'm expecting the bill will be higher than normal even with the solar on the roof just because we've had to use it so often which is unusual here at our place. Grrr! On the frugal front, we've mainly stayed home and so haven't spent much. It's just been too hot to go anywhere. I've been baking in the early mornings so lots of homemade goodness in the freezer for school lunches. I've mended my son's school bag and my husband's work bags this week rather than buy new ones. This morning, I was looking through my sewing materials and found a piece of lovely bright blue fabric with little red leaves printed all over it and I think I might have just enough to make a top with it. It cost me $8 at a market apparently as tag was still attached:) A new top for $8 and a bit of my time seems like a bargain to me. Have a lovely weekend! Meg:)

  3. This heatwave is horrendous. We've gone through some summers where we've not used the air conditioner at all as we get a good sea breeze but not this year. I've closed the doors I can but it's not as efficient as it could be. I've stuffed towels under two doors where the cold air can escape. I don't know if it will make any difference but not hard to do. We have quite big gaps as we replaced tiles with vinyl flooring a few years ago. We have solar panels so they will help a bit but we only have a small inverter. I'd love to know how much per hour the air con adds but there are so many variables with solar and the air con itself (it's pretty old I think). Anyway I would die without it today!! A friend has lent me her slow cooker to try so I'm making butter chicken today. Fiona, just curious but do you have a plan in mind to build a smaller home somewhere. I'd like to do that when we retire but no specific destination in mind yet but I have a head full of ideas ha ha. Let's hope we get a storm today and tomorrow and some cooler weather on Sunday!!

    1. I would love to build a small, sustainable, off grid, home in the same area we live in now, one day. For the moment (maybe a long time) we are tied to our current home as we live next door to my mother in law and we are her carers. My dream is to be able to buy an old home on a good piece of land in the Scarborough area, as the original land is made of red earth (hence the name Redcliffe) and is so fertile. I could then have space to have a big veggie garden, fruit orchard and chooks. Where we are now, those dreams are not possible. I hope my dreams come true and that I am not too old to bring this dream to fruition.

  4. Oh, my goodness! Christmas Pudding Icecream is a thing? I am making icecream today, I may just have to try that!


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