This weeks five Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good week, where ever you are. We had yesterday off for Australia day and I had my darling sister, our Aunt, my Mother in law and my Niece, her Hubby and Grand Nieces over for lunch. We had lamb and rosemary sausages with potato salad followed by fruit topped pavlova, very Australian! It was such a lovely day with my little family, we really appreciate any time we can have together as everyone is so busy these days. My little Grand Nieces are growing up really fast, little Matilda started year one on Tuesday, I can't believe how fast time has flown.

Lovely Hubby and Son went fishing and ended up with four nice fish for the day, it was a nice morning, on the water, but it got "very bumpy" on the way home, as the wind had come up. They are always very careful and take heed of the weather conditions, I always say, the boat looks really big in the boat shed but it is a tiny speck on the ocean! Home safe, with fish, lovely!

Here's what I have been up to on the frugal front-

1. I made two batches of yoghurt, the one on the left is vanilla and the two on the right is thick and creamy, natural yoghurt. I bought the culture from here. It is a bit trial and error at the moment but I will keep at it until I am really happy with the result. I have been using organic milk that has been marked down from the supermarket, every time I ride past Coles, on the way home, I just pop in to see if they have any milk marked down. A litre of lovely natural yoghurt for $1.18, what a bargain!

2. I made a batch of laundry liquid using this recipe. I have been really happy with it, however I am now washing the bath towels in a Eucalyptus wash as I found the towels got a funky smell and feel about them using a home made laundry liquid on them. Does any one else have that problem?

3. I made some garlic-y, lemon-y Hummus to take to work for lunches. I have been adding the zest of the lemon to the Hummus as well, its really delicious! I cook my chickpeas in bulk in the slow cooker and freeze them down into "recipe size" portions. They take very little time to defrost so they are ready to go when I need them.

4. And to have with the Hummus, I made these Rosemary and Garlic Crackers. I made a huge mistake with them though but I was determined not to waste the ingredients. So, the recipe called for 100 gram of Quinoa, I went ahead and cooked the Quinoa and let it cool, as soon as I got home from buying it. However when I re-read the recipe it called for uncooked Quinoa. What a turkey! I made it work though. I ended up with a really sticky dough so I scraped it into a rough rectangle, scored it through with a pizza cutter and put it in the oven, they needed about 40 minutes of cooking but I ended up with a really crunchy and delicious cracker. I will be more careful when making a new recipe next time. Note to self, must read recipe thoroughly first!

5. I made another beautiful loaf of light rye bread. It's a recipe I have used forever and it works every time.

Thats a wrap! Your turn, what frugal things did you do this week? And how did you celebrate Australia Day?


  1. Good Morning, Fiona! Your yoghurt looks great. Great bargain on the milk. I have on my list to make my own which I have to get to someday soon. It's so much cheaper! On the frugal front here, all meals and snacks were made at home and a batch of homemade dog food for Sir Steve dog too:) Ripe bananas were peeled and frozen in chunks for smoothies and I also made a batch of pear and banana muffins for the freezer stash. Topping up petrol, rather than filling a tank, at cheapest price I can find as it's all way too high. Read papers at library this week and a few magazines too rather than buying them. And I swam in the ocean several times rather than laps at the pool. Saves quite a bit! Have a lovely weekend over in Redcliffe. Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg, would you mind sharing your recipe for homemade dog food? That is a great idea! We don't "own" dogs but we care for my mother in laws dogs, so we own dogs by default! Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Try adding essential oils to your laundry liquid, eucalyptus or lavender work well.

  3. Hi Theresa, I added eucalyptus oil to the laundry liquid and still had issues, its like the laundry liquid doesn't rinse out well enough with heavy towels. Do you have any problems like this?


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