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Two New Addition to the Garden

Sunday, 15 January 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

We have two wonderful additions to our garden. The first one is the tree in the foreground of the above photo. It's a Lemon Myrtle and I have wanted one for a long time. It is planted in a big pot and hopefully it will do well. The scent of the Lemon Myrtle is so uplifting, I go out every morning, grab a few leaves, rub them in my hands and inhale the glorious scent. I am just mad for lemon myrtle tea and will be looking forward to making my own from the leaves of this wonderful native tree.

The other new addition is a native bee hive. Again, we have wanted one for quite a while but just never got around to getting one. Lovely hubby went to our local garden centre just after Christmas to get the potting mix for the Lemon Myrtle and they had one on display. Lovely hubby was asking about it and the owner of the garden centre gave us the details of the gentleman who supplied it. Well, within a week of that, we have our very own native bee hive. I go out quite a few times during the day to see whats happening and watch the comings and goings of the mighty little bees. 

The gentleman who delivers and sets up the hive, does so for a very good price, he will also come back in about 18 months and show us how to rob the hive. The hive is insulated and raised, for the safety of the bees and their hive, on a star picket. I just love having the bees in the garden and I am hoping to get better cropping and fruiting with them doing their bee thing. 

I have planted a heap of chia seeds and the seedling are all up. Chia is part of the Salvia family and I think the bees will love the  flowers. I have also planted out more Chinese broccoli and will let a few of these go to seed for the flowers they will produce. The bees just love them. In the mean time the bees have to go further afield for their pollen and nectar, did you know that these amazing little bees can travel up to 500 meters to find food. Just Amazing!

Do you keep bees or have them visit your garden?


  1. Hi Can you give out the Bee guys name? My hubby and I were talking about getting native bees just last week. Thanks. Christeen

    1. Hi Christeen, I have checked with the Bee guy and he said it is okay to pass on his details.

      Davids Stingless Native Bees
      Delivery and set up service
      0412 605 041

      Have a lovely day

  2. Congratulations on getting native bees, Fiona. How lovely! They are the most amazing little creatures to watch. So calming. Our little native bees love basil flowers and rocket flowers:) Meg

  3. Congrats, my hubbie has been wanting to get one as well, but we have to wait until we are in our new place. Goodluck with it all, Guida.

  4. We have native bees at Beelarong Community Farm at Morningside, Brisbane, where I have my allotment, but we also plant flowers to attract bees and leave some herbs and veggies to go to see to once again attract bees and beneficial insects.