What we bought, ate and spent this week

Hello Dear Reader,

I love a New Year with so many possibilities and so much hope for the coming year. There is a fresh and new feeling that I get knowing I have a whole year stretched out before me and I am full of enthusiasm and just can't wait to get going. 

I always buy a diary, that I use every day, for writing my list of jobs to be done for that day and also our menu for the week. We sit down on a Monday or Tuesday and write up a menu and shopping list. Lovely Hubby then does the weekly grocery shop on the Wednesday, while I am at work. If you just do this one thing, Menu planning, your life will be so much easier. I love knowing that I don't need to think of "what's for dinner tonight?"as it's all sorted. 

What we bought

Shopping from ALDI, Coles and Woolworths 

What we spent



What we ate

Wednesday-We had the rest of the roast meats from Christmas day with a big tossed salad. I made sure the meat was stored and handled correctly so it was safe to eat 

Thursday-We all enjoyed a lunch out at Sandstone Point Hotel, it was super busy and we didn't actually eat until about 2:45 pm. Because of the late lunch, we were all way too full to eat dinner! I had a cup of tea and went to bed early

Friday-We had Chinese Takeaway (Mother in laws shout)from China Corner, as an early dinner, I had to take my Darling Daughter and Partner to the airport, they flew home to Cairns today. Sorry I forgot to take a photo, but we had Salt and Pepper Squid, Lemon Chicken and we supplied the fish for Sweet and Sour Fish 

Saturday-New Years Eve-Smoked Salmon Puff Pastry Parcels with a big tossed salad 

Sunday-Satay Prawn Noodle Salad 

Monday-Chickpea, Corn and Zucchini Fritters with Mashed Potato and Steamed Broccolini. I served the fritters with my homemade Tomato Relish, just delicious

Tuesday-Tempura Whiting with steamed Basmati rice and steamed Broccolini and Oyster Sauce 

Are you a menu planner? Do you find it helps with your budget and your stress levels? 


  1. I've become a much more consistent menu planner this past year, Fiona, and I agree that it is a very helpful tool. I just draw up a simple plan in an old notebook, just the evening meals because lunches are always similar and I know what I need to get for those. I sit down and plan around what I already have here so have found that menu planning has helped to limit food waste and with food budget around here. Meg:)

  2. The wheels fall off if I don't do a menu plan! They are a life saver.
    Where do you buy your tempura whiting? I imagine it's a pre battered frozen thing? It always looks so lovely, and I notice you eat it a lot, so it must be good!

    1. Hi Cheryl, lovely hubby and son are fishermen, our most favourite fish to catch and eat is whiting and hubby just makes the batter out of rice flour and soda water. His trick is to dust the fish fillets in plain flour first, then drag them through the ultra light batter and then into very hot oil. Whiting is caught off the beach and it's what we target when we go camping. We always have a lot of fish and try to eat it at least twice a week.

    2. Oh yum. I'm not a big fan of fish, but I like whiting and snapper. You are so lucky to have a freshly caught supply!


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