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Hello Dear Reader,

How was the start to your New Year? Are you still feeling motivated? Has that"New Year" feeling already started to slide away? I'm still feeling positive and happy about getting some more de-cluttering done. I have set myself a little challenge, this year, to de-clutter the whole house, every draw, box, folder, basket and cupboard. I have started in our bedroom and I am making good progress. There is stuff in there that hasn't seen the light of day for years, definitely a great reason to get rid of it. They say if you haven't used an item in a year, you won't use it at all. I have started a page, attached to the blog, called "My Year of Less Stuff" and as I de-clutter I am taking a photo of the items as they leave the house. We have six large charity centres on the Peninsula and I will be dropping the good quality, unwanted items, off to them. Everything else is going in the bin.

On the dinner front we have used the last of the Christmas Ham in a really yummy recipe, I cooked a large piece of corned meat that stretched to three meals plus some that I have frozen some for later and we enjoyed two meals of prawns that we received in a barter agreement. I love bartering especially when it involves food!

I have also started to make one vegetarian meal a week to lessen the amount of money we spend on meat. We like to support our local, privately owned butcher, but it comes with a heafty price tag. I feel the meat is expensive but it is good quality and is sourced from Kilcoy, not too far away from us. It is a quandary, what is the best thing to do? Keep supporting the little guy or save money and buy from the duopoly?

What we bought
Shopping from Woolworths 

Shopping from ALDI and Coles

What we spent

What we ate

Wednesday-Ham Steaks with Maple Apple Sauce, Mashed Potato with garlic chives and steamed Broccolini

Thursday-Lovely Hubby made a Prawn stir fry

It was totally delicious. Lovely Hubby has a barter system with a gentleman who owns a prawn trawler. We have raw and cooked prawns for many meals in the freezer. Sweet!

Friday and Saturday-Corned Beef, steamed potato, green beans and carrots that were cooked in the slow cooker, with the corned beef

Sunday-Prawn rolls. I made the rolls and seafood sauce, earlier in the day and the lettuce is from our garden

Monday-Corned Meat Fritters with steamed potato and broccolini

Tuesday-Sweet Potato, Spinach and Red Lentil Curry. Meat free and marvellous

So, over to you, where do you buy your meat from? What sways you more, saving money or supporting a local butcher? 


  1. We don't have a stand alone butcher shop in our town but two of our smaller supermarkets (a family owned Foodland and an IGA) do have in house butchers. Our Woolworths did away with their butchery recently so now the meat comes prepackaged from away, in those horrible gas packed meat trays. Goodness knows how old the meat is!
    The Foodland and IGA meat is fresher and their produce is fresher too. Unfortunately, we don't have a farmers market close by. Your meals look great!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. I guess I have a foot in both camps when it comes to buying meat.
    Our local butcher actually owns the farm where the beef comes from, so that rates highly in my books. He is a bit expensive, but his product tastes amazing. I ALWAYS buy my mince,sausages and bacon from the butcher, I really dislike the supermarket version of these, but the steak and chicken usually comes from the supermarket, it's purely a price thing, especially when feeding 5.
    But about once a year, usually mid Autumn, I buy a quarter of a beast off him, it costs around $300 mark (give or take depending on the size of the beast) but he puts it all on trays, cut up how ever I want it, and it goes straight into the freezer. Last time I did this the meat worked out to about $11/kg! It included everything from sausages to mince and steak, roasts etc. It lasted us around 6 months from memory, definitely the way to go for us.

  3. Our local butcher is only around the corner and very good so
    we always buy from them (my husband is the only meat eater, though,
    so we don't buy much). I'm a great believer in supporting local -
    unfortunately our farmers market has turned into a crowded, trendy,
    hipster destination so I don't bother going there any longer!

  4. Hi, Fiona. I buy our meat from a local butcher shop. It is more expensive but I keep that in check by making vegetarian meals often and by choosing wisely from their specials and thinking carefully about what cuts to buy e.g. chicken thighs are a lot less per kg than chicken breasts. There is a little loyalty program which I use that gives me $20 off at times and that goes towards a whole organic chicken. I can get a lot of meals out of one chicken! I like that I know everyone who works there, that I'm supporting a local business, that the butchers will cut meat up for me however I ask them to, that I avoid stryofoam trays, that I can ask where the meat comes from and they will know. Meg:)


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