What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

Oh boy, it's so hot! It has been reaching into the mid 30's here which, I guess, to some of Australia is not so hot, but we are really feeling it here. Redcliffe is always a few degrees cooler, living by the sea, and there is usually a bit of a breeze but the air has been so thick, with the humidity sitting around 80%. Because it has been so hot I have had the air conditioning running over the weekend while we were all home, I won't run it if only one person is home, cooling a home with one person in it makes no sense. We have an open plan home which makes it expensive to heat and cool, yet another lesson we have learnt for next time we build.

Because of the heat I have been making meals that don't actually require me to stand at the stove and cook. Lovely Hubby did a BBQ, I made some prawn rice paper rolls and I also made a pasta dish where the veggies were roasted in the oven and then made into a very quick sauce to mix through the pasta. My oven is self cleaning, which is a fabulous feature and because of the really thick glass door there is no heat emitted from the oven, so your kitchen doesn't get hotter! Sweet. No sense in adding fuel to the fire!

So this is what we have been up to on the food front:

What we bought
Shopping from Coles, Woolworths and ALDI, the meat didn't make it into the photo, there was mince and meat for a BBQ from the butcher

What we spent



Nothlings Quality Meats-$53.33


What we ate
Wednesday-Tempura Whiting, steamed basmati rice and broccolini with oyster sauce

Thursday-Easy Asian Beef with steamed basmati rice and a combination of broccolini and pak choy with oyster sauce

Friday-Stir fried prawns with ginger, spring onion, snow peas and  bean shoots and steamed basmati rice

Saturday-BBQ steak with mustard cream sauce and a big tossed salad

Sunday-Prawn and Mango Salsa Rice Paper Rolls

Monday-Roasted Veggie Pasta

Tuesday-Baked Beans on a Baked Potato with spring onions, grated cheese and sour cream. Simple, filling and delicious

How are you coping in the extreme weather at the moment? What do you cook for dinner in the heat?


  1. This heat has just been unrelenting! We have been running air-con too and saying a quiet and grateful thank you to the solar panels on our roof offsetting some of the cost to do so. I've been happy to work inside in the cool. On these hot days I make salad! W have that with grilled chicken or sausages to make a quick meal that doesn't require turning on an oven. STay cool! Meg:)

  2. Yes I am so fed up with this heat. Toowoomba doesn't usually have too much himidity, but this summer its non stop....yuk. Lets hope for an early winter... yayyyyy! Guida.

  3. Hot down here in Brisbane inner-city too. Last week I made a huge pot of chicken broth from organic chicken carcasses I bought at Northey Street Organic markets. I have been using it to make delicious soups this week using the veggies I grow at my allotment, and chickpeas for protein. It's a light evening meal for these hot days.

  4. We're in mid-winter so the highlights this week were Tartiflette and a delicious Duck Tagine. Stay cool!


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