Beautiful Noosa North Shore

Hello Dear Reader,

Yesterday morning at sunrise, looking over at Noosa Headland

We have just spent a week at our favourite camping spot, Noosa North Shore. I know I have gushed about this place before and today will be no different. There is no denying that, for me, camping is hard work, putting up our camp takes every last bit of energy I have, but once that is done, I am able to relax here, like no other place or holiday.

This was taken at about 5.30am yesterday morning. We were the only two on the beach and the sunrise was just beautiful

See, there is no schedule or timetable, there is no place we have to be, at a certain time of day and there is no need to be dressed up for lunch or dinner. We bring all we need for the week, so there is no need to go to any shops for a whole week, which to me, is divine. We eat well and just have a week of relaxation and fun. The sights never fail to inspire me and just being here, in this magical place, makes me feel calm, relaxed and allows me to unplug from my normal life, a week at a time.

There was a small shower of rain during the early morning and it left this rainbow, this was the only rain we received all week, the whether gods were kind to us

Please enjoy these photos of our week at Noosa North Shore.


Our Camp

The Lighthouse Walk, Valentines Day 

Animal and Bird Life

Rainbow Beach

We have a small breakaway every 3 months or so, to recharge our batteries, camping here is such a frugal holiday and we enjoy it so much, what's not to love.

Over to you, where is your "place" where you love to holiday?


  1. Hi Fiona, what beautiful photos! I especially love the shots of the driftwood. I have not been there but my daughter and her family love camping at Noosa North Shore.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

    1. Hi Karen, it is a beautiful spot and a lovely camping ground, very safe for families with young children as there are no vehicles allowed along the stretch of beach in front of the camp grounds. I do love those photos too, the colours are just beautiful.
      Have a lovely week and thanks for taking the time to "find" me.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! We have two favorites. We have a vacation house on the Oregon coast - it's an extremely small town, where the kids can ride their bikes to town, or explore a national park, see sand dunes, etc. The weather on the coast is always a risk. For a sunny weather getaway, we love Hawaii. We get a condo that has a kitchen, I prep all of the meals, and the kids go back & forth from the ocean to the pool. Bliss!

    1. How fantastic, your family holidays sound wonderful, I especially love the idea of a small town holiday where the kids can still be safe and have fun. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


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