My Plastic Replacement for February

Hello Dear Reader,

This months plastic replacement is personal care related and this time it is something for Lovely Hubby. The more I look into this less plastic and less waste caper the more I discover a better way of doing things. More often than not, it is an old idea, made new again. This month I ordered Ethique's "Dapper" shave soap and shaving brush. Not only is it super cute but lovely hubby says it is great to use and makes for a closer shave. His skin is so soft after and it doesn't have an overpowering smell like most shave foams do. I know shave foam come in a metal container but the lid and nozzle are all plastic, so using this will reduce our plastic consumption a little more. 

The other product I purchased was the solid bar shampoo for dry hair. I don't really have dry hair, nor does hubby but I we don't need an ultra cleansing shampoo either, as we both have super short hair. Ethique popped a little sample of this shampoo in with my last order, I used it and I love it. It foams beautifully and leaves the scalp and hair clean as a whistle. I imagine it would take more to lather longer hair but for short hair it just takes a few swivels in wet hands to produce a soft lather. 

The products are packed in a recycled box with shredded newspaper to protect the products whilst in transit, so win-win, no plastic packaging both with the Ethique products themselves, as well as the boxes and packaging they are sent in. Ethique pop a card in with your order to tell you how many potential plastic bottles you are stopping from going to landfill by ordering and using their products. Love it.

Over to you, what old fashioned idea have you seen that is making a come back?

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  1. I've tried a few different alternative shaving foams and gels for my husband, ones that are a bit more ethical but he hasn't liked any of them! I will check out Ethique (as I've not heard of them before) and perhaps give theirs a try. I have been looking for a local place that does bulk shampoo (where you can just refill an old bottle) but I haven't found anything yet. Meg


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