Our Camping Gear

Hello Dear Reader,

We have accumulated some fantastic camping gear over the years and I want to share with you our most used and loved items. As with anything, you get what you pay for, so we have bought quality items, gradually, over the years and built up a great collection of reliable and practical camping gear. I have to say my most loved items are the camp fridge, camp kitchen and our "anywhere bed". They just make camping so much more enjoyable.

From left-the canopy for the gazebo, our camp boxes, one holds the cooking gear and the other holds all we need to make the camp extra secure so it doesn't blow away.

All our camp cooking gear, A good heavy based frypan with lid, an enamel pot with lid, a kettle and a  two burner gas cooker

From left, our tent, is a "Black Wolf" tent and is almost self erecting, I LOVE IT! We also have walls for the gazebo to "make us, all kinds of weather" proof. At the back are our camp chairs that are super comfy and very light weight

From left, a big bottle for storing water for the kitchen, our "Any Where Bed", our camp kitchen and at the back is a roll of imitation grass. This is laid at the entry to the tent and stops sand from entering the tent! It's fantastic!

It's not a very good photo, but from left-our Eva Cool camp fridge/freezer with stand, at the back is our gazebo, which goes over our complete camp, and one of our solar panels at the front

I know it seems like a lot of gear to take, but to make a good camp means we can have a fabulous time no matter what the weather is doing! 

Over to you, any avid campers or glampers out there?


  1. We used to camp in our "prechildren" days and had a camper trailer all set up. When pregnant with our first six years ago, we sold our trailer to pay some debt off to be able to move for our tree change. Our children are now 5 and 3 and we feel mentally ready to take them camping, so this post is perfect as we write our list of necessary items to take. We are saving to buy a second hand trailer again. The boys already love camping in our yard with dad (or sometimes me) in our swag, I can't wait to take them camping in the big swag!! Love your blog, thank you for sharing such great ideas ~ von

  2. Not only can this tent fit ten people and fit up to three queen air mattresses, but it also has three individual rooms.  This is great for privacy as well as housing gear and food if necessary.  http://campingadvise.com/


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