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Hello Dear Reader,

We all know how incredibly hot is has been these last few weeks and it has made me even more aware of sun protection. I have been wearing a hat out to the line to hang the washing and I have been applying sunscreen before riding to work of a morning. Sun cancer is so prevalent in Australia and as I get older I find I am less tolerant of the heat of the sun, avoiding it when and where I can.

Now that being said, we love beach camping, so my efforts at sun protection while on the beach is a lot more that just a basic hat and sunscreen. I bring out the big guns and I really don't care what I look like as long as I don't get burnt. So, please don't laugh, just wave if you see me on the beach and give me two thumbs up for being sun smart.

Lovely Hubby bought me this 50+ sun protection top a while ago and I wear it every day, all day, when on the beach. It is light weight, breathable and very cool to wear. It rinses out easily and dries by the next day to wear again. When I need to replace this one,  I will go up a couple of sizes so it will give me longer sleeves and a bit more room all round. Not that I am putting on weight or anything, cough!

Now for my favourite part of the ensemble. The hat. The brand is Frillneck, as in, frill neck lizard. You can't get more Australian than that, can you? Unfortunately the Frillneck website is being re-developed so I can't direct you to it but I found this one that is very similar and endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia. It is not the most fashionable hat, but practical, it is. It is light weight and breathable, has a big brim and can cover my face completely, protecting my nose and lips. I just love it. 

And last but by no means least, sunscreen. I was a bit dubious of this one when hubby and son started using it, but I have to say I love it. I hated the sun screen cream, even the better ones that aren't so greasy and heavy, they just made me sweat and felt awful on the skin. This is a super light spray that I apply about 30 minutes before leaving camp of a morning and then again just after lunch. I am so impressed with this spray as I have never been burnt on the unprotected areas like the back of my hands, face, legs and top of my feet. It is 4 hours water resistant which is fantastic as I spend a lot of time at the waters edge, fishing, with the waves just washing over my feet and legs. I love it and it works for us.

How do you "sun smart" yourself?

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  1. After years of sitting out in the sun, my poor arms and neck show signs of really bad sun damage.
    If we go to the beach, I basically sit under good shade and apply sunscreen to my neck and arms.
    I detest hats so that is not an option for me. Your frillneck does look a ripper though!


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