Things I have learnt, the hard way

Hello Dear Reader,

I have had some epic failures in my time, especially during my transition to a more simple life. There are countless blogs, books and youtube clips showing how to do everything from building your own tiny home to making sauerkraut and I watch and read a lot of these "how to" guides in the hope that I will get, what ever it is I am trying to do, right the first time. I am a very visual person and will watch and re-watch a "how to video" over and over until I feel confidant to give it a go.

I know you learn by your mistakes and you can't expect a different outcome if you do the same method over and over. For instance, I kept washing the bath towels with my homemade laundry liquid in the hope that, this time, I would have a better result. NO, that was not the case. Towels seem to hang on to, which ever ingredient in the home made laundry liquid, and they became quite funky smelling. I mean really musty and not pleasant at all. No matter how long they were line dried for I would end up with baked, funky smelling towels. So, I bought a eco friendly laundry liquid (Aldi eucalyptus wool wash, in a recyclable container) to use specifically for the bath towels, problem solved! Clean, non funky, bath towels and I feel okay while using the eco friendly laundry liquid.

I have compiled a list of things I have learnt the hard way, and I am sure there will be plenty more in years to come. Want to join in? Send me your list

Never make pastry when its hot and humid, there will be tears in the kitchen

Don't use homemade laundry liquid on bath towels all the time, they end up smelling funky.

Works great, just not on towels, all the time
Don't tell everyone about your lifestyle choices, sometimes you get shot down in flames

Don't plant spiky plants down a narrow walkway, you will get spiked every-damn-time!

Garden compost and potting mix are two very different elements

You can't make profiteroles in the blistering heat

Sometimes home made sweet rolls look decidedly not like the picture

The don't look very inviting do they?

The freezer will not improve a failed meal. Don't keep a flop by putting it in the freezer, it will not get better

Not all saved seeds will germinate, maybe the fruit or veggie it came from was put through a process so it will be more shelf stable, it must do something to the seeds and some will not germinate

Shifting a cracked pot with a heavy plant in it will make the crack even bigger, like, completely break apart. Thank goodness for electrical tape

There, I fixed it!

Do not plant lettuce seedling in the blistering heat of summer they will bolt for seed every time. I have lost count of the times I have done this, expecting a different outcome

Don't keep clothes in the hope that you will lose weight and fit them again, I know my body shape has changed forever, so I just need to adjust to it

Don't walk strong dogs in your thongs, you need a good pair of runners that will, at least, not let you be dragged over

Don't underestimate the power of a thermomix, I have made mush when it should have been a rough chop, by leaving it 5 seconds too long

Don't expect a frozen chicken to defrost completely in 24 hours in the fridge, it needs more like 48 hours

Food thermometers do not lie, if it says it's not ready, it's not ready

Take heed of the crunching noise coming from the dishwasher

Also take heed when you see your pavers beginning to lift because of tree roots, act sooner rather than later

Don't stay out longer than 9am or 10am in the blistering heat and humidity, you will feel sick for the rest of the day

Citrus Leaf curl does not fix itself

Don't buy or borrow more books if you haven't had time to read what you already have

So, that's my list, want to join in?


  1. Hi Fi, this made me laugh - either in agreeance with similar things I've done, or just how we all do things hoping for the best when really we probably already know the outcome isn't what we want. Aren't we silly (but comical)!!

  2. Oh, I had a good chuckle at these, Fiona. I think my epic fails relate, at this stage, predominately to bread! I won't go into all my bread failures (it's a long list) but I have learned that one does not put a bowl of bread dough to warm and rise on the sunny top step of a set of big stairs. The dough rises and the bowl rolls down the stairs. Truly...I did this! Meg p.s. I've also learned that it's very important to laugh at oneself!

  3. SO funny! And I can so relate to it!
    I have tried to grow lettuce about 5 times this summer-it just shrivels and dries up. The sun and heat just destroys.
    I will wait till autumn is truly here. And as for keeping old clothes etc that no longer work. My list just continues...
    I live in hope that I 'll get there.
    Good wishes from Sydney

  4. Think very carefully before you say/do something in front of a group.
    Don't plant your seedlings in January. They haven't overcame are producing but looked sick and needed extra care.
    Don't ignore your pool care regime is not working ending up paying hundreds for the pros to rectify the problem.

    PS I wonder why your towels small with the home made detergent. I use Rhonda's recipe off down to earth and have never had a problem. I add eucalyptus oil to mine as it smells nice and is antibacterial and lifts stains. I also often add a lid of oxyi action to the wash. Maybe some vinegar in the rinse may help.


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