This weeks 5 Frugal Thing on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Today is my last working day for a whole week. Lovely Hubby and I are off to our most favourite place in the world, Noosa North Shore. Here are some photos from our last trip.

It truly is the most beautiful place and I can't wait to get up there. The whether forecast is for more intense heat but it will be cooler next to the beach, it's the setting up and taking down the camp that will be challenging in this heat. Never mind, it will be worth the 2 hours of hard work and then we can relax for one whole week. Heaven!

Now on with my 5 frugal things.

1. I am going to count going camping as my first frugal thing. It costs us $162 for 6 nights for an unpowered camp site and $30.65 for the vehicle beach permit. Thats a total of $192.65 for a weeks holiday. We bring all our own food and drinks so there is nothing else to spend for the week. We have been going camping since the kids were little and have gradually accumulated really good camping gear that will probably see us out or until we are too old to go camping.

2. Made another batch of vanilla yoghurt, I have foregone making the yoghurt in the Thermomix as the hot blades were reducing the effectiveness of the culture (I use live culture that I purchased from here) So now I just use a heavy based, large pot, to heat and cool the milk in. Success!! I buy organic milk when I can, that has been marked down, so the final cost of the yoghurt is a fraction of what you would pay for 2 kg's of organic vanilla yoghurt!

3. When I cleaned out the freezer, I found a few disks of frozen gingerbread men dough from making them at Christmas time. I defrosted them and made a batch of gingerbread biscuits with it. Divine with a cup of tea

4. Packed my lunch for work everyday, todays morning tea is home made vanilla yoghurt with berries and a nut bar and lunch is a spinach and feta omelette (left over filling from when I made
spinach and feta savoury rolls earlier in the week) and a little salad plus my little piece of dark chocolate I have every day.

5. I made a Hummingbird cake to take to work for our monthly combined morning tea, I already had the passionfruit pulp (frozen in my freezer), bananas, coconut and walnuts so all I had to buy to make this wonderful cake was a can of crushed pineapple and a block of philly cheese. This cake was a simple mix and bake recipe and the icing took hardly any time as well. 

My Hummingbird Cake, full of goodness, easy and delicious

So, tell me, what frugal things have you been up to?


  1. Aren't those coloured parrots beautiful - you cannot help but be in awe! I love hummingbird cake too - save me a slice will you :-)

  2. I love hummingbird cake too ... actually, any cake with cream cheese icing is goooood! Frugal wise, lots of home cooking and home baking. Making lots of salads in this heat which is great for dinner and then lunches too. Last weekend, my husband cut my hair for the first time...thank goodness for you-tube clips...and it turned out fine. Helps that I have long, wavy, thick hair so hard to go wrong with basic trim. That saved $50 at the hairdressers. Enjoy your week away, Fiona. How lovely for you! Meg:)

  3. I can't believe it's been a year since you last went there, I remember seeing those photos! WOW how time flies! Enjoy every minute of it, I just love camping, but we haven't been for a while...must do something about that!

    1. Hi Cheryl, it has only been a few months since we last went camping, it was November last year, so around 3 months. I like to have a weeks holiday every 3 months or so, it breaks the year up nicely. Have a lovely Sunday.


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