This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Hello February, didn't you arrived quickly! The month of January was over in a flash, well, it went fast for me anyway. I have continued on my slow (very slow) journey of decluttering the house from top to bottom and I feel I have made some good progress. As I work full-time, this decluttering is mostly done on the weekend when I have a little more time to think clearly. It feels good to get some of the excess from my life.

As I mentioned over at the "My year of less stuff" page, I had a lot of stuff that I felt I had to hang onto through sentimentality or just because of the cost of the item. Well no longer, it is still hard, I question myself all the time if I am doing the right thing, especially when the items weren't mine to begin with, you would think that it would be easier, but it isn't. My goal is to have only useful items or items that bring me joy, in my home, by the end of the year.

I think having less obvious (and not so obvious) stuff, links well with a frugal lifestyle. To me being frugal equals simplicity and you can't have simplicity when you are drowning in useless stuff. Have you ever decluttered and simplified your life, how did it feel?

Now on with those 5 Frugal things-

1. Continued my decluttering journey, it feels really good to clear some of these items from my home.
I take the items I no longer love or need to one of the many Charity centres on the Peninsula. Donations are always welcomed.

2. Made myself a new bag, lunch bag and cutlery wrap for work. The material was bought from Spotlight during their end of financial year sale last year using a gift card. I still have oodles of this material left for more sewing projects

3. Made Paneer cheese for the first time, it was easy, just like ricotta except you shape it and press it so it maintains it shape, it is much firmer than ricotta.

4. Used up the whey, from making the Paneer, as a drink over ice, it was delicious

5. Made another meatless meal to keep the cost of groceries down. This Mushroom and Paneer curry is from Jamie Oliver and it was so tasty.

How was your week? Are you doing any decluttering this year? What has been your frugal achievements this week?

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  1. You have been busy, Fiona, must feel great to get stuck into that decluttering! I'm jsut focussing on small areas at the moment, like my kitchen drawers. To me, that feels achievable one drawer at a time. On the frugal front, menu planning, making all meals and snacks here at home, buying specials for the stockpile if I think they are a good bargain. Paid our son's school fees in full for the year which entitled us to an almost $500 discount as opposed to paying each term. Worth it! And, I made a handmade gift for my mum's birthday and my boy made her a lovely card. He collaged little chicken pictures all over it because my Mum has chickens and loves them. Very cute! On the weekend, I'm going to start off a scarf for one of my closest friends. It will take me a while to make so planning ahead! Have a lovely weekend. Meg:)


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