This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Sunset on Monday evening, this photo was taken from my front door. Aren't the colour truly beautiful? The lights you can see are from the football fields that are across the road from us

I am back into living my normal frugal, small and quiet life after being away camping last week. Not that camping is extravagant, by any means, but I love being home, in my sanctuary, where I can relax and just be at home.

I have had a few flops lately, which is disheartening, but, that is what life is all about, isn't, giving things a go and hoping for the best. The first flop is my home made yoghurt, I have had great success making vanilla yoghurt with a spilt vanilla beans and a yoghurt culture, it turned out thick and creamy and just delicious but when I had a go at making a lemon myrtle flavoured yoghurt it didn't work out, it semi set, but was very watery, I don't know if something went wrong in the method or weather it was the lemon myrtle leaves that prevented it from setting. I now have 2 litres of semi-set lemon myrtle flavoured yoghurt that I will have to find another use for. By the way, the actual flavour of the yoghurt is delicious, its just the texture that isn't right. Any ideas what I can do with it now?

The other flop is my home grown red paw paws. While we were away for the week camping, quite a lot of fruit ripened and looked ready to be picked. Unfortunately the fruit does not taste right, it is sappy and not sweet at all. The colour of the flesh is also not right, staying an orangy-yellow rather than the lovely reddish hue of ripe red paw paw. They feel soft and look ready to be picked, but they are definitely not right. Lovely hubby had heard that the first crop is always a bit sappy, which doesn't sound right to me. The leaves have turned very yellow and are dropping off, this particular tree was affected by black spot, which it seemed to overcome, maybe this fungal infection has done something detrimental to the health of the tree? This tree had produced some small but really beautiful fruit recently, so this is a new thing. Any help shedding light on, not so marvellous, red paw paws would be really appreciated.

Along with the flops, there have been some successes, so I will keep going and keep learning from my mistakes, it's either that or give up, and I am not going to do that. I love my small, simple life that I have created and the flops I have had, cost very little in monetary terms, the milk that the yoghurt was made from was marked down to clear and the red paw paw trees were grown from saved seeds, its just the time it wastes that upsets me more than anything. You can't get your time back!

This is what else I have been up to on the frugal front.

1. Rode my bike to work everyday, the whether is starting to get a bit cooler and it is a relief not to arrive at work all hot and bothered

2. Made another, new to me, vegetarian recipe last night. We have started to eat one meat free dinner per week to save some money and it is better for our bodies not to have so much meat.

3. Line dried all the washing, we have had a few showers but not that much to stop the washing being dried

4. Made my lunch every day to take to work

Todays morning tea and lunch are-
Greek yoghurt with honey and macadamias and a nut bar, a slice of sourdough bread, dill infused tuna and cucumber and of course my little square of dark chocolate

5. Emptied, washed and repacked the camp boxes, ready to go again for next time. We have already booked our next camping trip, it's in early May and we can't wait to be back at our beach. It is a super frugal holiday and looking after your belongings (any belongings) extend their life and saves you money $$

Your turn, what have you done this week to save money?


  1. Hi, Fiona! You can make the yogurt again, using the same milk. Add more culture, though. I've done this and it turned out great the second time. If it's not too runny, put a clean towel in a strainer and strain the liquid out for a thicker yogurt. I'm not sure about the PawPaw. If you grew it from seed, maybe it doesn't grow true from the seeds?
    Have a fabulous day! Debbie

  2. Could you try straining your yogurt through some muslin and using it as a dip or soft cheese.

    cheers Kate

  3. Maybe add custard powder to it instead?

  4. Hi, Fiona. I'm going to have a go at making yoghurt this weekend for the first time so I can't offer any advice on that front! I don't grow pawpaw either (as we don't eat it) so no advice their either. Sorry! All I can think is that the black spot has somehow weakened the plant, affecting the colour and taste of the fruit. Maybe the ripening went awry somehow???

    Our main savings here this week have been fuel related. I drove a lot this week and was pleased that the cost of fuel came down to $1.19 or so per litre. I filled up and then topped up again at that price. I also did a grocery shop where I took advantage of some specials to buy cheese and few other things in bulk which will save money in the long run. Meg:)

  5. Let's see. . . we're working on our new to us house, and doing as many of the updates ourselves. We're also following our normal trends of eating at home, making vs buying, and I was able to take a free yoga class at a studio yesterday. It was amazing!

  6. Have you thought about using the watery yoghurt mixed with oats, chia and linseed for a bircher muesli/ overnight oats combo?


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