What I found when I cleaned out the fridge

Hello Dear Reader,

I have been putting off cleaning the fridge and freezer for ages now and it was well overdue. I try to buy only what is needed for the week ahead and make sure everything is used within that time, it's my way of reducing any waste. Wasting food is a crime and I can't stand it. I make sure any leftovers are look after, food hygiene wise, and eaten in a timely manner. I put them front and centre in the fridge so they won't be missed.

Even though I am really careful to use all the food that comes into the house, I found a few items past their best and had to be thrown out. I rinsed out the plastic containers and recycled those.

My fridge, before the clean out

And after.
All the shelves were cleaned and the bottom of each jar was also wiped over before being put back

The door of the fridge, before

And after. Again everything was wiped over and checked it was still in date

Freezer top draw, before

And after

Freezer, bottom draw, before

And after

These were the food items that had to be thrown out, clockwise from top right
Aioli Mayo that was well past its best, Home made Beetroot relish that was growing things, a tiny scraping of wasabi, a bottle of soy (came in a box of sushi, it is inferior quality and I didn't want to use it), a half container on butter blend that was out of date (I don't use it, it belonged to my mother in law, it was bought over to butter a bread roll for her to have with dinner as she won't use butter) a spoon full of sour cream that was also passed it, a bottle of home made ginger schnapps that was given to us years ago, neither of us like it and a bottle of soda water that had lost its fizz. 

I "inherited" these two bottles from my late Father in law. He was quite the foodie but he was also a food hoarder, buying food stuffs just because he liked the idea of it and not necessarily having in mind what to do with it. Both of these syrups have no use by date, as you can see I have used the pomegranate molasses, I think I used it in a marinade with lamb. But I really am at a loss how to use the coconut syrup. Any suggestions?

Our Son likes to dabble in the kitchen and his most fav recipe to make is Eggplant Parmigiana. However he never checks to see if we already have mozzarella cheese before buying more, hence why we have blocks of mozzarella cheese in the freezer. There was also quite a few ziplock bags and a container of grated cheese.

So I grated all the blocks of mozzarella cheese and put all the random grated cheeses together in 280 gram lots in zip lock bags. Much more organised!

I now feel so much better knowing everything is organised and in date in both the fridge and freezer. 

Over to you, what have you found in your fridge when you cleaned it out? Any surprises?


  1. I REALLY need to clean out our freezer, and have a menu plan based around what I find in there LOL!
    I do the fridge every few weeks, so usually not too many surprises in there.

  2. Yes it's not a jon I look forward to doing. So much easier if you keep it tamed regularly lol's....I did mine before the relies came at Christmas. Feels so much better and gives you a real lift, don't you agree? Re coconut syrup - just google and you will find a recipe!

  3. I've never used the coconut syrup but have used coconut sugar. It will probably be a bit like maple syrup but a more mellow flavor. I think you could use it as you would maple syrup/molasses etc. As an ingredient in a marinade/sauce (maybe in place of palm sugar).


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