What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

This heat wave is relentless and I am so sick of being hot, hot, hot and because we have had the air conditioning going every day, we are going to have an electricity bill we can't jump over. C'est la vie. We have solar and usually we get a small rebate, but probably not this quarter. We have booked to go up to our favourite camping spot in two weeks time for a weeks holiday, so I hope the heat has settled down by then, I can't imagine setting up our camp in this kind of heat, it would be truly awful.

The boys were away on a fishing competition for the weekend so that just left my Mother in law and myself for dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights. There was enough of the lovely prawn stir fry for Saturday night and I made a, new to me, Mushroom Curry, for Sunday night. As we both don't eat a lot there was plenty of this wonderful curry left over for the boys to have as lunches.

Here's what else we have been up to on the food front-

What we bought
Shopping from ALDI and Woolworths

What we Spent
Nothlings Quality Meats-$25.49

TOTAL-$215.92-another big week but I did make all the food for the boys plus two other fishermen for the fishing competition for 2 days, so I that is where the extra money was spent

What we ate

Wednesday-Pan fried fish with a big tossed salad

Thursday-Australia day, after having a lovely lunch of lamb and rosemary sausages and potato salad with my little extended family, I didn't feel eating a big dinner, let alone cooking again but as the boys were out fishing all day and then had to attend the fishing competition meeting that night, they were hungry by the time they got home. So I made Honey Mustard Chicken with mashed potato and broccolini 

Friday and Saturday-Prawn stir fry with bean shoots and snow peas

Sunday-Jamie Oliver's Mushroom and Paneer Curry

Monday-Tempura Whiting with steamed basmati rice and broccolini

Tuesday-Spicy chicken with steamed basmati rice and broccolini

As you can probably tell, broccolini is about the only decent green vegetable around at the moment, all leafy greens have expired in the extreme heat, I suppose.

So, that is what has been on our family table this week, over to you.


  1. I am over the heat too, Fiona. It's relentless! We've been having salads as it's too hot to eat anything else! I roasted up two large trays of veg and I have been putting handfuls of that into baby spinach salads with cashew nuts and corn cut off the cob and capsicum from the garden. It's delicious and easy to have with some grilled meats. Meg:)

    1. Love a good summer time salad, last night I made a spinach, roast pumpkin and toasted walnut one with a garlicky lemon dressing, divine in this hot weather. Have a lovely day

  2. Discovered your site recently, and am now an avid follower. Really enjoy your posts. Many thanks!

    1. Hi and welcome, I try and post everyday, about different subjects but I am afraid most of them are about what we are cooking and eating. It's kind of my passion! I try and live a small frugal life and I just write about it along the way. So glad you stop by, have a lovely day.


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