What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

Well, we are back into the swing of our normal lives this week, having been away last week, camping at Noosa North Shore. I didn't take any photos of our camping dinners, as the lighting wasn't good enough to get a decent photo, but I can tell you all about it. I will also include the days leading up to going camping to cover my usual weekly "what we bought, spent and ate" entry.

What we bought

Shopping from ALDI, Coles and Woolworths

What we spent (week one)
Coles-$74.55 + extras bought on Saturday to take away camping-bread rolls, wraps, hot cross buns, ground coffee and butter-$19.35
Nothlings Quality Meats-$23.71

TOTAL- $228.81

Week two (Sunday markets)
We went to the Jetty Markets on Sunday morning to pick up some food to keep us going until we go shopping again today. We both enjoyed it so much, we may keep it up. We got down to the markets by 6.30am and were home by 8.00am. The above shopping cost us $133.00, the breakdown being-$45.50 for a leg of lamb and a kg of chicken thigh fillets (both free range), $32.00 for the fruit and veg, $13.00 for a multigrain sourdough loaf and 4 of the biggest croissants I have ever seen (we had already eaten 2 for our breakfast), $8.00 for a bag of walnuts, $8.50 for Maleny Dairy vintage cheese and real-thick-cream and $26.00 for liquorice tea and peppercorns. 

TOTAL-$133.00 + $16.50 for mince, eggs and snow peas for dinner last Saturday night, when we got home from camping

GRAND TOTAL FOR TWO WEEKS-$378.31, phew, but I came under the $200 per week mark!

What we ate

Wednesday-Stir fried prawns with snow peas, ginger and bean shoots

Thursday-there was plenty left over from last night-excellent!

Friday-Home made fish burgers, so easy and absolutely delicious

Saturday-Spice Beef with steamed Basmati rice and broccolini, I made a big batch of this easy slow cooker dish to give my Mother in law and son an extra meal while we were away. I had cooked meals and frozen them down for my Mother in law to have for her lunches and dinners


Sunday-Baked beans, steamed potato and sour cream and coleslaw

Monday-Fish curry using the packet of butter "chicken" sauce plus steamed basmati rice, chutney and papadums. We had caught a big Dart and a legal size bream, this stronger tasting fish went well with the curry sauce.

Tuesday-Bacon and eggs

Wednesday-Sausages with steamed potatoes and coleslaw

Thursday-Rissoles with steamed potatoes and coleslaw

Friday-I made a lovely omelette with some leftover sausage and potato, delish and easy


Saturday-Mince and egg with steamed basmati rice and snow peas

Sunday-Lamb Roast with Rosemary Potatoes, Roast Pumpkin, steamed Broccoli and real Gravy. There was a whole meal leftover plus lots of roast lamb, the extra meal was eaten as a lovely lunch and the extra meat was frozen down for future use. I am thinking of making a  couple of lamb souvlaki pizzas! YUM!

Monday-Tempura Whiting, steamed Basmati rice and Choy Sum

Tuesday-One Pan, Cheesy Chicken with sweet potato and broccoli (recipe coming soon)

So, that was the eats at our place, a new dish, some simple throw together dinners while camping, a roast, a few fish/prawn meals and a dish from my slow cooker. A nice variety and all super easy. 

Over to you, whats been on your family table this week?


  1. I've been reading your blog every single day. I find it very encouraging and full of inspiration. I hope you don't mind me following you. Thank you for making the effort of sharing what you know... people do appreciate it. I for one..do:)

    1. Hi Annie, welcome aboard, I don't mind a bit if you read my daily ramblings, the more the merrrier. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Yes I also discovered your blog, and just love it. I'm so glad you enjoyed a wonderful break away to recharge those batteries! Cheers Robyne

    1. Welcome also, Robyne, I try and write a post everyday, it may not always be that interesting but it is my real life. Have a wonderful day.


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