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Hello Dear Reader,

We love camping, but we also love to eat well. You don't need to rely on convenience meals and 2 minute noodles to enjoy camping, if fact, for me, to enjoy camping, I need good food that is easy to carry, easy to cook and delicious. I use a few short cuts like a packet of curry sauce when we are making fish curry, and weetbix for breakfast, but everything else is made fresh or bought from home, ready to go. We usually go camping a week at a time and seem to always have the same menu, although this time I have bought a packet of butter chicken curry sauce to use with fish we will catch, to have with steamed rice, as a quick meal one night.

The other meals are, rissoles (2 nights) sausages (2 nights) steamed potatoes with baked beans and sour cream and the fish curry I mentioned above. Previous to this variation of fish curry, I would bring a can of coconut milk and a tube of Thai herbs, I would mix the coconut milk and Thai herbs together in the frypan to make a gorgeous sauce, cubes of potatoes are then added, let them cook until almost falling apart then add the fish fillets to lightly cook, they take less than 2 minutes to cook through. This fish curry is served with steamed rice and is just lovely after a long day on the beach.

I always bring nut bars (picked up on special for $2.00 for a box of 6) for morning tea and a flask to make tea while on the beach. I am definitely an eater and can't wait for my next meal, that doesn't stop, just because we are camping at the beach. Lovely hubby, on the other hand, can go all day without much to eat, especially when he is fishing, he seems to forget to eat! Holy cow if I waited to eat when he was hungry, I would be fainting from hunger.

When we are away camping, I pack lunch straight after finishing breakfast and it usually consists of a roll or wrap with either tuna or ham but this time I have some Corned Beef that I had frozen down from last time I cooked it. It's lovely on a roll with mayo and lettuce or coleslaw. That's the other thing I make ahead of time, coleslaw, and just dress it with mayo as needed.

I finely shred red cabbage, carrot and celery, give it a good mix, pop it in a container and it's ready to be put in the camp fridge. We have this coleslaw every night with dinner, I even put some in the fish curry (minus the mayo of course) as it's just veggies and it bulks out the curry beautifully. I use this handy dandy multi purpose peeler that we picked up at the last garden expo we went to. It makes the quickest coleslaw ever!

This is out camping food for the week. I have bought a bag of washed spuds as they are really easy just to rinse and steam rather than having to scrub or peel them. Behind the spuds are the meats, ready, frozen down, sausages, rissole mix and corned beef. I have bought a packet of ready to use butter "chicken" sauce and papadums to have, just for a bit of fun, I will use fish instead of chicken, I think it will be okay?

A variety of rolls and wraps for lunches, oh and a packet of hot cross buns, I know its very early to have these, but I thought they would be nice for morning tea. See I am always thinking of my stomach.

Over to you, what is your fav camping spot? And what do you cook while camping?


  1. I love reading your blog, and hope you get some good camping weather. Our favourite camping spot is Lock 9 on the Murray River. Its a great area,usually not too crowded and although we don't fish it is very peaceful and we enjoy a few walks and some bird watching as well as river watching!
    I think your meals sound great and are pretty much the same as I pack for an easy camping trip.

  2. I like your comments about needing to eat often. I'm the same way, and my husband can easily skip a meal when he's busy! Seems like I have food on my mind a lot, but maybe part of the reason is because I am responsible for making sure we have food on the table. �� Your meals sound delicious.

  3. We have a similar menu every time we go camping to! Usually rissoles on the first night, usually made into hamburgers, but could be BBQ with salad, usually a camp oven lamb roast with baked vegetables, sausages and steaks with salad is always a winner too. Enjoy your meals they sound delicious!


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