A New Beginning

Hello Dear Reader,

It's all over. My Mother in laws funeral and wake was very emotionally hard to go through but beautiful at the same time, made special by lots of family and close friends there on the day. I feel a sense of relief now that all of the organising, writing and editing of the eulogy, searching for photos and music for her tribute, having suits dry-cleaned, shoes shined and clothes ironed is over and now we can try and get back to some sort of normality. But what will our new normal, be like?

 There is no hurry or indeed want or need, to sort through her belonging, that can wait until we are ready. We have two little fluffy dogs that now have become part of our family, Lovely Hubbies Uncle offered to take them to his farm, but the little dogs wouldn't understand, and its snake country, I would't want to expose them to that sort of danger. It is a real danger, as this type of dog, the Jack Russell are known for their hunting skills and can't leave anything alone. Lovely Hubbies Uncles own Jack Russell, Darby, has killed about a dozen snakes over the space of a few years, unfortunately he has been bitten twice, the vet saved him, twice, and charged $4500 in vet bills for his treatment and recovery, now he is a house dog, only being let out on a lead for walks.  I don't know how we are going to integrate these dogs with our little black cat, Ninja, but time will tell I guess.

Our little family have been amazing through all of this sad and taxing time and it was made easier by their presence and help. Both of our kids are wise and sensible adults and over the last two weeks have often been the voice of reason, when my mind was too tired and too full to carry on. They have truly been a blessing.

Our frugal little life has been anything but over the last two weeks and lots of not so frugal choices were made because of being time poor, having no energy and also having bad headaches and a virus of some sort, to top it off.  It has not fun at all. I am feeling a bit better and went back to work yesterday. I think the virus and headaches are a two for one deal and once I shake that I should start feeling better. Because of being time poor we had take away a few times, dried the washing in the drier, didn't recycle or compost as much as I usually do and was just out of my usual routine, which felt wrong and dysfunctional.

So, as we start this new beginning, I want nothing more than to settle back into our old normal of living a small, frugal, thankful and uneventful life. I want to get some of my most cherished routines going again like baking bread, hanging washing on the line, riding my bike everywhere I need to go, quilting, thrifting and just being in my home with not much else to do except those jobs that keep my home humming along to the tune of simple living.

Finally, I want to say heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all of the lovely words and kind thoughts sent my way after we lost my Mother in law, they were truly special. Thank you.


  1. Life will find its rhythm again, Fiona. This is a time to be kind to yourself and to spend time adjusting. The routines will return, and maybe a few new ones will emerge. Take Care. Meg Xxx

  2. Sorry have been away from the computer. My sincere condolences on your loss to you and your family. Guida XXX

  3. Some good advice that was given to me under similar circumstances was to hasten slowly and be kind to yourself. Enjoy your 2 little dogs, they are sure to settle in well with you and your husband.

  4. I can't say it better Than Meg. Take care.


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