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A while ago, a friend at work, told me that Jamie Olivers Ministry of Food was coming to the Peninsula, I was super excited and got online and reserved my place in the 5 week cooking class. It is really aimed at people wanting to learn the basics of food prep/knife skills/food hygiene/nutrition, but I thought it would just be a bit of fun to do. It was $100 for the five weeks and I think at $20 a week it represents excellent value for money.

They have two custom made vans that are travelling around our big country, and luckily for me, they have stationed this van just up the road from me at the new Stocklands development. The van is beautifully fitted out and very practical, they run the classes in groups of 12 at a time however there is plenty of room for all of us to do our chef-y things.

 Last Saturday, I completed week 3, which was Mexican week, and it was totally delicious. We made Guacamole and Chilli Con Carne and we take home what we cook. They emphasise using less meat and more veggies, encouraging you to use better quality meat and bulk it out with veggies, pulses and lentils. The ingredients are top quality and very generous, so I think it is $20 well spent. The portions will easily feed four people, very good value indeed. There was even excess ingredients that we were allowed to take home, so this week I took home a lime, a bunch coriander, a punnet of tomatoes and two very ripe avocados, from this I was able to make another batch of guacamole, what an unexpected bonus.

The first week, was egg week, we boiled (5 min for soft, 7.5 min for medium and 10min for hard)  poached and scrambled eggs and also made a Spinach, Red Onion and Feta Frittata, all easy and totally delicious. I had never poached an egg successfully before, but with some handy hints, I cooked my first poached egg. Just for this first week, we worked in teams of two, so at the end we were able to take home half the frittata each. I had it for lunch over a couple of days. From here on in, we worked independently.

Week two, we made Carbonara, with a healthy spin, instead of oodles of cream and cheese we used only 100 mls of Creme Fraiche, pancetta instead of bacon and a small amount of good quality parmesan cheese. It was finished off with mint and baby peas and the pasta we used was farfaelle. This dish made so much, definitely more than enough for a family of four. I ended up taking it for lunch nearly for the whole week. We also made a beautiful tomato salad with cannelloni beans and olives, simple and delicious.

The other dish we made that week, was a berry ice-cream made with frozen berries and natural yoghurt. The frozen berries and the ice cold yoghurt were simply blitzed in a food processor with a few mint leaves and honey and together it made, almost instant, amazing ice-cream. This is the only dessert we will be making in the whole course, so we all enjoyed this fabulous treat.

Next week is curry week, which I am really looking forward to, I will be especially interested in Jamie's spin on a quick curry. No doubt, there will be plenty of spice and accompaniments to go with the curry. It should be fun.

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  1. you lucky duck, what a great opportunity.
    Don't suppose you could share any tips on poaching eggs? How do they get them so neat in shape?
    cheers Kate

  2. I agree very lucky, I would love to be able to participate. Hopefully it will come to Canada.

  3. What a wonderful idea, it sounds like excellent fun and yummy too. Enjoy. Guida

  4. What great feedback. We're so glad you are enjoying the course in Newport and that you are learning great new tips even though you're a great cook! In addition to our 2 mobile kitchen's we also have 3 fixed centres around Australia. To find out more go to our website www.jamiesministryoffood.com.au

    We hope you enjoy the last 2 weeks of class.

    Jamie's Ministry of Food team.

  5. Wow! This would be perfect for my 17 yo brother, except there seems to be nothing in SA :-(
    What a wonderful opportunity for others!!


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