My Plastic Replacement for March

Hello Dear Reader,

This months plastic replacement is a real blast from the past, who remembers these? It's a soap saver or suds maker.

I vividly remember my Nan and Papa having one, it was quite bashed about and showing it's age, but it still worked. They used Sunlight soap in theirs and used it in the kitchen and laundry. It does a great job at producing soapy bubbles and cleans really well. I guess we are all in the mindset that you must have lots of bubbles for any dish washing product to work, well there isn't as many bubbles thats for sure, but it brings everything up squeaky clean. I ordered this suds maker/soap saver from here and I just love it. I have been using it for three weeks and it is now second nature to reach for this rather than a plastic bottle full of chemicals.

So, that means one less bottle of plastic coming into my home on a regular basis. I am going to have a go at making a wash up liquid from the bar of soap for when we go camping or for when I need to soak a pot. This soap saver/suds maker came with a lovely bar of soap which smells beautiful, when it's finished I will replace it with a bar of soap I have been buying from the discount store at Rothwell, it is sold in bulk, without wrapping, another win.

What do you think?

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  1. My Mum had one of these, Fiona, and we all liked swishing it through the water to make the bubbles. Great for using leftover bits of soap up too. I haven't seen one anywhere since! I use Ecostore dishwashing liquid at the moment because I bought a heap of it in bulk eons ago when it was on special. This is definitely something I'd look into buying when my stash of dishwash liquid runs out. Thanks for link to shop:) Meg

  2. Fiona I have a soap shaker that I purchased from the same store. I got mine just before Christmas. We fill ours with the leftover little fiddly bits of the bathroom soaps. As I make our soap it is still all natural and does a great job on getting the dishes nice and clean. I haven't been able to get hubby on board and he buys the odd bottle of washing up detergent. One day.

  3. Hi Fiona, Many thanks for writing about the soap saver/suds maker. We are really glad to add it to our store and I was surprised at how effective it is. I love the reaction of customers in the store, who recognise them from when they were common place. Your blog is a wealth of information. Congratulations. Megan

  4. Now you've got me thinking! Hubby and I really dislike washing up liquid, full of God knows what chemicals, let alone the plastic container! I've never thought to use a bar soap in that way, do you find there is any sort of residual smell, taste or sheen from using the sunlight soap? I'm assuming you rinse after you wash?

    1. Hi Cheryl, I am still using the bar of soap it came with, which is a really lovely natural soap, I rinse everything, as I hand wash, so no residue, so far, so good. Everything comes up clean as a whistle, no taste or residue. Have a lovely week.

    2. Thanks I may be putting one of these one my Christmas wish list!


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