This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Over the weekend, before my Mother in law went back into hospital, I was able to get a bit of baking done, trying out a new to me recipe for a banana bread. A lovely friend at work, I am looking at you Jenny,  told me about a new recipe she had made and how lovely it was, well within a minute I had looked up the recipe and had decided to make it. As I had some bananas going a bit too soft in the fruit bowl I used them up in this recipe. So I will make that my first frugal thing.

1. Made a lovely Banana bread using up some soft bananas (I never waste a thing) I will post this recipe sometime in the future, it's one of Delia Smiths and is really quite different in both flavour and method. I just love it. Thanks again Jenny, you rock.

2. Turned a flop of a recipe into some fabulous muffins. When I was checking out Delia Smiths Banana bread recipe, I spied this little recipe, for Oat Crunchies, well they didn't work as well as expected (I think I was expecting something like an Anzac biscuit) Anyway as you know I don't waste anything, I thought if I roasted some nuts and then blitzed all the ingredients it would make a nice crunchy topping for ice-cream or yoghurt. Well, that didn't work either, even after adding nuts and blitzing it, the mixture was still too buttery. Then I thought I would have a go at making this mixture into some muffins, and thats what I did! The end result was lovely nutty blueberry muffins. And no waste!

3. Took lunch with us to the hospital each day, the hospital cafe is lovely but the prices are eye watering, like most places that have a captive audience, they can charge what they like

4. Line dried all the washing, we have had some lovely rain, but there was still plenty of sunshine to dry the washing.

5. Continued to make dinner at home, even with being late home from the hospital, it was still worth the effort.

That's all I have had time for this week.

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