What $53.38 buys at the Northside Discount Fruit Barn

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned last week, I have found a new place to do some of our weekly grocery shopping. The market place is a short drive from our place, about 10 minutes, it has plenty of parking and is easy to get around. I have been really impressed with the quality of the produce, even the bucket of kiwi fruit I bought last week, from out the front of the market, have all been perfect. They advertise their weekly specials, in the local newspaper, and even the specials such as the potatoes, avocados and the zucchini's are in perfect condition. This week we picked up the advertised danish feta and the Passata, very good prices, indeed.

So, with this new way of shopping, our weekly menu now runs from Sunday to Saturday, we have been doing the majority of the shopping at the above market place and the Sunday morning Jetty markets as well. Just needing to go the local supermarket to pick up the items not available at these markets. I still make a menu and shopping list, it just means going to the markets rather than the usual 3 big supermarkets close by. I have to say the quality overall is better and fresher than any of the major supermarkets.

The only draw back I have found is that some items are pre-packed such as the mushrooms and the broccoli, as they were a better price already packaged up, I went ahead and bought these items pre-packed. Most of the other items were nude, except for the chickpeas (1 kg) and the spinach and suites my "bring less plastic into my life" phase I have started and wish to continue. 

Lovely hubby and I went to the Northside market yesterday afternoon and this is what we bought-

After looking at the docket, when I got home, I realised I was overcharged for the potatoes, I will call them tomorrow and see if they will honour a refund for next time I shop there. I know its only 96c, but it all adds up, doesn't?

Do you have a good market near you? What's the super special this week?


  1. This is wonderful haul. It is untiringly satisfying to fill the coffers with fresh produce for the best price.

  2. Great prices, makes you wonder what the farmers gets paid though?? I'm not saying paying a higher per kilo price = more money for the farmers, I'm just wondering how it can be grown, packaged transported, etc etc for such a price? One of life's mysteries I guess.

  3. We had a little local fruit/veg market, that also stocked some deli meats, yoghurt, Maleny milk etc. that closed recently after being a feature of the community for such a long time. I feel sad every time I drive past and it's not there anymore:( The quality of the produce was always fresh, better than the supermarkets and reasonably priced. In terms of the pre-packaged stuff, one of two things in plastic is far better than everything pre-packaged. Meg:)

  4. We have a similar market about 20 minutes away. It's in an area
    where a lot of elderly Italians live so has good deals on cases of
    tomatoes, deli items, and also good, cheap fruit and veg (elderly
    Italians are pretty picky!). I always buy tomatoes for bottling


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