What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

I have spent quite a bit of money over this past week as we transition to buying most of our fresh food from the Recliffe Jetty Markets. Lovely Hubby had done a slightly smaller shop last Wednesday as we had done quite a lot of shopping at the markets. I think within the next week or so the money side of things will balance out once we do the majority of shopping at the markets to cover a whole week.

There are still quite a few items that we will have to rely on the Supermarkets for, like butter, flour and baking ingredients, vinegar (for cleaning) oats for my homemade muesli, soy sauce, rice bran oil, ingredients for homemade laundry liquid, vegemite, rice, noodles and I am sure there are countless more items that we use on a weekly basis that we will be unable to buy from the markets.

Anyway we will see how this little adventure goes. The fruit and veggies from the markets are most definitely better quality and much fresher, the meat seems to be the same price as we were paying before from our little independent butcher, except this meat is free range, so I think that is a win. The nuts are a little more expensive than at ALDI but we have been getting a bit of a discount when we buy a few bags so I think it is about the same (I will have to do a more thorough audit on prices to satisfy my frugal soul) It still means going to the supermarket for some items but ultimately we would love to do the majority from the Sunday market. We get down there early and are home having breakfast by 8, so we still have the rest of the day at home to get our jobs done.

What we bought
Shopping from ALDI and Woolworths. The meat from our local independent Butcher didn't make it into the photo. Lovely Hubby bought Pork Belly and Collar Butt to make Char Sui and Sui Yook. I also did an extra bit of shopping from Coles on Saturday for baking and making yoghurt (not pictured)

Meat, free range eggs, nuts, fruit and veg and some beautiful fresh croissants from the markets

I love my fruit bowl to be full of beautiful fresh produce

What we spent (it's a lot, you might need to sit down, I know I did)




Coles-$36.52 (Not pictured) Powdered milk, milk, frozen raspberries, filo pastry, feta cheese, quinoa, dates, pumpkin seeds, raw cashews, bread and laundry liquid (I am going to be using this as a base for my homemade laundry liquid) 


Neli Coffee-$10.00 Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee

What we ate 

Wednesday-Lamb and Rosemary Sausages with mash and coleslaw

Thursday-Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry with steamed basmati rice, yoghurt, chutney and papadums

Friday-Pan fried pearl perch with a big tossed salad

Saturday-Home Made Lamb Souvlaki Pizza with Tatziki and Spinach

Sunday and Monday-Lovely hubby made Char Sui and Sui Yuk, he actually made it on Saturday while he had the BBQ up to heat when he cooked the Pizzas

Tuesday-Crab, Tomato and Basil with Angel Hair pasta.We were gifted some sand crabs and lovely hubby cooked and cleaned them for this lovely dish. Sand crabs aren't as hard to clean as Mud crab but it still took him 2 hours to clean all the meat from this gifted crab. So lucky!

Over to you, do you shop at local markets? Do you find you spend less or more by shopping at your local market?


  1. I would love to shop at our farmer market but it is just too expensive for our family of 7. I think vegetables would be about equal but the meat, honey eggs etc are organic/free range and although great quality out of our means.

  2. Until recently we used to buy all our fruit and veg at Adelaide Central Market but
    recently we've been alternating with a really good greengrocer (it's about 20 minutes
    drive away in the Adelaide Hills but the quality and price make it worth going.) We
    eat a lot of Asian food and still go to the market frequently to stock up on stuff at
    the numerous Asian stores there (we buy rice cheaply in 10 kilo bags for example). There is
    a farmers market here but it's turned into a bit of a pretentious hipster foodie
    destination and is crowded as hell so I never go there!

  3. Good nourishing fare - delish! I love the wooden fruit bowl

  4. I love going to the market to buy fresh produce and talking with the stall holders who are often the ones who grow it! I hardly ever buy fruit/veg at supermarkets because I don't think it's a fresh and I don't like all the plastic trays and plastic wrap it comes in.

    Your food always looks so delicious, Fiona...visiting here always makes me hungry!! Meg:)


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