What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

We have had a bit of a messy few days, firstly my Mother in law happily came home from hospital on Saturday, after having her usual procedure and staying in hospital for a week (not the messy part), then she was promptly re-admitted on Monday afternoon, quite unwell, so that meant us being at the hospital until quite late on Monday night (thats the messy part). Thank heavens we had some left over Congee and were able to heat it though and eat rather quickly when we got home. The hospital she goes to, is a 50 minute drive away, although, late at night, we were home in 40 minutes. As I type this she is stable, but still very unwell.

Our daughter and lovely hubby's Uncle are arriving today to visit my Mother in law in hospital, we haven't been told, in as many words, that her passing is imminent but the lovely Nurse who has know my Mother in law for a long time has seen a huge decline in her lung function and breathing, she felt it would be a good idea to round up the family. So we will all be seeing her today at some point.

When my Mother in law goes into hospital for the week, we are a bit more relaxed in what we eat. I use up any leftovers lurking in the freezer and I quite often have just an egg on toast, as I am not really very hungry for dinner most nights. Don't get me wrong, I do eat, but I find that I look for food mostly at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, from then on I feel satiated, although as I mentioned I do still eat, just not a big portion.

I am very happy to report that this weeks grocery shopping came under budget and we have lots of food hanging around because of the above glitches in dinners. I bought a whole porterhouse steak cut 2 weeks ago from the meat truck at the markets, we were meant to have a BBQ on Monday night but a trip to the hospital happened instead so we will be having that BBQ tonight if nothing else goes wrong.

I have planned another two meat free meals this week to keep the costs down and loaded up with some great buys from the new to me Fruit Market on Saturday. This is what was on our family table this past week-

What we bought

Shopping from Woolworths and Nothlings Quality Meats. The cocoquench was on special for $2 each so we stocked up, also our cat, Ninja's, wet food was also on a very good buy so we bought 2 boxes. We bought 1.5 kg of chicken thigh fillets from our butcher for the Congee

Shopping from Coles

Shopping from Rothwell Fruit Market

Shopping from the Sunday Morning Markets. The berries were 3 punnet for $15.00, the honey man happily refills the empty jar for $9.00 (1 kg) and the cheese man always sells his cheeses for, any four items, for $10. This week I got a vintage cheddar, a brie, a deluxe blue and a container of sun dried figs, all completely delicious. 

What we spent
Nothlings Quality Meats-$17.72
Rothwell Fruit Market-$53.38
Sunday Morning Markets-$36.00

What we ate

Wednesday-I had a poached egg on toast and Hubby had a bowl of leftover Pulled Pork, rice and veggie

Thursday-Caesar Salad with a poached egg

Friday-Wraps made with leftover beef ragu (from the freezer), cheese, tomato, greek yoghurt and chilli sauce

Saturday, Monday and Tuesday-Chicken and Ginger Congee

Sunday-Chilli Con Carne with Guacamole, steamed rice and natural yoghurt

So that's been our messy week, thanks heavens for meals, like the chicken congee, that go a long way. What is your go to meal, for when life gets messy?


  1. Hi, Fiona. It is lovely that you will all be there to support your mother-in-law and one another too. Take Care. Meg Xxx

  2. Hi Fiona, My uncle had a lung problem and just this Sunday had a lung transplant and so far it's all good but it will be a long road back for him. And my father in law also had a lung problem so I know how hard it is. This can be a stressful time for you and your family so know we are all thinking of you - take time for yourselves.

  3. We have been doing a significant lot more meatless meals lately to assist our weight loss....goodness, what a revelation - who knew how delicious veggies can be by themselves with a bit of imagination.


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