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Cottage Cheese Bread Rolls

Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

I had bought a container of cottage cheese for a recipe a few weeks ago and I obviously didn't get around to making that particular recipe (I can't even remember what I had planned) so there was this whole container of cottage cheese looking at me every time I opened the fridge. As I don't like waste at all, I thought I would see what wonderful and clever recipes were out there for using up cottage cheese. Of course, all I needed to do was a google search and I found this site, dedicated to using up cottage cheese. Yeah! I adapted the recipe using just plain white bread flour instead of the wholemeal stated in the original recipe, as I didn't have any wholemeal flour in the house.

So that is how I ended up making these glorious little bread rolls, I have since made a loaf of light rye bread using the same recipe and it also was a winner. I just love it when the promise of a good recipe comes true. It is a sturdy dough, nothing to be frightened of, it is easy to handle and makes for a light and super tasty bread. The rolls were beautiful fresh and also toasted, as a breakfast roll, a few days later, with lashings of butter and honey. YUM

Ingredients for Cottage Cheese Bread Rolls-clockwise from top left
1/2 a cup plus 3 cups of white bread flour, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1 tablespoon instant yeast, 1/2 cup lukewarm water, 65 grams of butter, melted and 1 cup of cottage cheese. You also need 2 to 3 tablespoons of extra water and 2 tablespoon extra melted butter

In the bowl of the Thermomix add the 1/2 cup flour, yeast and lukewarm water

Mix on speed 3 for 1 minute and let prove with lid on for 5 minutes or until it looks spongy and a few bubbles appear

Now add the cottage cheese, melted butter and salt

And then the flour

Knead for 6 minutes, if after 3 minutes it is still looking dry-ish and not coming together, add the extra water. I used the whole 3 tablespoons and the dough then came together beautifully

Put dough into a greased bowl and let prove for 30 to 45 minutes

Or until double in size. Preheat oven 200C

To form your bread rolls, first weigh the dough, then calculate how much each roll should weigh when making 16 rolls. Grease a heavy based fry pan that has a handle that will go into the oven
( I use these) and place your formed rolls into the fry pan, in a cylindrical pattern

Pop into a preheated oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. Brush with extra melted butter and serve to your, now drooling, family


What is your, go to, recipe for light as air bread rolls?


  1. Having an ingredient leftover which you know you had a purpose for but just unable to remember. Oh I've been there too. Just like you I will find a way to use it.

    The only rolls I've made so far are Rhonda's cheese rolls which are beautiful. I would like to try the Tangzhong method next.

    If I ever have cottage cheese leftover I know what I'll be making now.

    Well done and I'm sure they won't last long.


  2. Mmmm... I am one of those people who shies away from baking bread. Before you shake your head, I've had many disasters, not least being when my bread dough rolled away down my front stairs (I had left it to rise on the top step, covered and in a bowl, because it was so lovely and warm out there. (I had previously had difficulty getting my bread to rise so figured the warmest place I could find was worth a try!) Well, it rose so much that it tipped the bowl and the whole lot somersaulted away! Needless to say, it was flat as a pancake when I retrieved it! Meg:o

  3. Oh my! They are certainly perfect. Clever you.

  4. I haven't tried baking in a skillet yet. I have a recipe where the rolls are brushed with butter, minced garlic, oregano, parsley and grated parmesan cheese. The rolls would be divine with a hearty soup!