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Economical, Home Made, Laundry Liquid

Tuesday, 4 April 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

I read about this idea over at Mistahomemaker and it is a fabulous, money saving idea. I have stretched it a bit further though and I am delighted with the results.  Diluting laundry and toiletry products is something that Wendy from My Abundant Life, does all the time and I do really think that most products that bubble or lather are super concentrated, so diluting them is more than fine.

The trick to making this as economical as possible is to look for the super half price special which the supermarkets run quite often. The supermarkets have cycles where a certain product will come on special about once a month. I look out for these specials and when they came along, I snaffle them up. The special I am talking about today is Dynamo Laundry Liquid, two litres for $8.50, it is half the normal price. I use this Dynamo as the base or soap element for my home made laundry liquid. The other ingredients are the same, washing soda and borax plus the Dynamo, hot water to mix and you have another really economical and excellent laundry liquid.

I make this really economical laundry liquid up in a 9 litre bucket and pour it into some lovely bottles for storage. I use 2/3 cup per load of washing and I am thrilled with the results. It works out to be approx. 4 cents per load of washing, which is amazing value for money.

Ingredients and costing for Economical Home Made Laundry Liquid

1 cup Dynamo laundry that you bought at half price-$8.50 for 2 litres, Cost approx. $1.06
1/2 cup of Washing Soda, Cost $4.00 1kg=approx. 57c
1/2 cup Borax, Cost $3.99 500 grams=approx. 79c
9 litres hot water, Cost-almost free
Total $2.42
Makes approx. 9000mls, use 2/3 cup per load=160ml=56 loads of washing from 9 litres
Cost per load=approx. 4 cents


In a clean 9 litre bucket add the Dynamo laundry liquid, the Washing Soda and Borax
Now, top up to the 9 litre mark on the bucket with hot water from the tap
Using a long stick or long handled wooden spoon, mix until laundry liquid, washing soda and borax has dissolved
Syphon into bottles or suitable containers
Use 2/3 cup per load

How do you s-t-r-e-t-c-h your grocery money?


  1. I read both Phil and Wendy's blogs, and making laundry liquid is yet another thing on my "want to do list" I'm so time poor lately, due to working at paid employment a lot more, and I'm still trying to work out ways to balance these new work commitments with home life.

  2. Hi, Fiona. I haven't made my own laundry liquid as yet. I mostly use washing powder with vinegar instead of laundry softener. I wait for the Eco Store brand to come on sale because it's in a recyclable cardboard box. I do have one bottle of their laundry liquid too for when I do quick 30min washes in my machine (I find that the powder doesn't always dissolve in that timeframe wash) so might make up some but using EcoStore liquid. Have you tried this with other brand washing liquids, did it work out successfully? Meg

  3. I was using another one with soap flakes, but i think this version is better. Thanks !! M.

    1. I have been using this recipe for a while now and I just love it, easy to make and use and is very effective.