Fab, Fish Pie, in Four Easy Steps

Hello Dear Reader,

I have been making this fab fish pie for years now, and I love it's simplicity and flavour. Over the years I have made it with all sorts of combinations of seafood (salmon, reef fish, pelagic fish and prawns) but this year I kept it really simple and just used some Snapper that lovely hubby had caught a while ago. There are really only four main steps involved in making this fish pie-

Poach the fish
Make a white sauce
Boil some eggs and slice
Make some mashed potato for the topping

I made this particular fish pie with 650 grams of fish and about 500 grams of potatoes, it easily fed the two of us over two night. Of course, you will feed more people by increasing the amount of seafood and potatoes.

Using up to 800 grams of fish or whatever combination of seafood you like, poach gently in 500 mls of full cream milk, along with 1 small, whole, peeled onion, spiked with 4 whole cloves, for 8 minutes

Pour poached fish and milk into a sieve over a large bowl, remove the onion and discard. Now flake the fish into an oven proof, casserole dish. Retain the poaching liquid and set aside till needed

Boil 4 eggs, peel and slice

Place sliced egg over flaked  fish

Make a white sauce with 40 grams of butter, 40 grams of plain flour and the reserved poaching liquid. Add fresh herbs like parsley or dill. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour white sauce over eggs and flaked fish

Boil and mash up to about a kilo of potatoes. I add lots of butter and milk

Sprinkle with cheese and bake for 30 minutes at 200 C

Super easy, comforting and delicious

Do you make a fish pie? What seafood combo do you put it yours?

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  1. I use a mixture of smoked fish (either haddock or cod) , salmon and a white fish - cod being my favourite but can be price prohibitive in the UK so often use frozen Pollock . I love your blog by the way - found it a few months ago & read everyday !


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